no. 009 Let Your Soul Sing

My Beloved,
I know you feel that it is much easier to shut your mouth
than speak your truth.
Believing that being quiet creates harmony and keeps the peace.
On the surface it may appear to look that way but I assure you its not.
What about your heart?
Why must your body and mind contain the storm?
You are not meant to carry the burden alone.
This is not harmony. This is not peace.
While your stomach might churn and your voice tremble.
Speaking your desires and needs out into the ethers will benefit all.
You deserve to be supported.
You are entitled to be nourished by your relationships.
Your desires are meant to be sung.
Let your feet ground themselves into the earth.
Feel your roots travel up into your Belly and then Sing.
The people you love need to hear your Soul’s song.
You’ve got this.


Sending Love





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