Whats Non-Negotiable For Your Soul Right Now?

Hello Love,

How are you doing? For just a moment, I invite you to just take a moment for a breath and a check in with your heart.

What you’re going thru, its a lot. Its a lot for all of us. Naturally some have it a little easier than others, but now is the not the time to get into the specifics of who is better or worse off.

What matters is you. How are you doing and what do you need?

Checking in with my clients this past week there has been a lot of discussion about boundaries and self-care.

Not the luxurious spa days of the past or dreaming of what would be nice some day. Self care in its raw, honest and necessary form that allows you to remain present to you and your needs mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually is what is required right now so that you can then tend to everyone one else that needs you.

Before all of this, I would wake early, and have so much time to dive into my rituals but I will be honest with you, it lasted a week into lockdown and I had to figure out something new. My sleep patterns have changed.

Lately, I’ve found the most restful part of my sleep happens when I would normally be getting up when my family is sound asleep. I’m not judging, instead I’m trusting my body and what she needs, so I stay in bed and I’m now the last one to rise.

Which means I’ve had to adapt and tend to my self care differently.

I’ve simplified my routines and rituals as I have naturally way less time to myself with everyone home all of the time. And so, I’ve narrowed it down to my 3 must haves. They have become non-negotiable.

A daily walk with Lily, preferably by myself (sometimes E comes along) I let my mind wander, I talk to God, I listen and observe whats happening around me and how I’m feeling.

I pull a card and set my intentions with my journal. I usually make my coffee just before E starts his online learning with his teacher and because he’s preoccupied I can put on my headphones and listen to some meditation music, breathe and check in with my body and heart and see what serendipity awaits.

And lastly,

Adornment, I let this go during the first couple of weeks and honestly I felt terrible. Doing my hair and putting on even the smallest amount of make-up has made the most amazing difference to my mood and how I show up in my life as it is right now. I don’t do it for anyone else but me and it feels so good.

Each of these actions helps to unwind my nervous system and allow me to come back home to what makes me. Naturally when I find myself getting more time I have lots of other elaborate tools and actions at my disposal, but what I’ve found the most helpful is to turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

Sitting with my coffee closing my eyes and breathing while I take in its warmth. Intentionally applying some colour to my lips and cheeks, allowing Lily to sniff just a little longer as I stand in the sunshine. These make me smile and they bring me so much calm and so it is.

Now its your turn…

What are a few of the ways that you are connecting and tending to our own needs during this time?





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