The seasons are here to guide you and your alchemy…if you let them

Happy September! Happy Earth Season.

Can I get a collective deep breath followed by an exhale that we’re here.

Okay maybe not from the Fires that are trying to steal every last drop of summer.

But for those of us where Fire burns just a little too bright I’m celebrating with you on every level energetic to cellular that theres a little more grounding available to us mixed with the cooler mornings and the crisper air.

When the sun signs transitioned from Leo to Virgo I could almost feel it to the minute when it happened. All of the barriers that we’re helping to just cope with the intensity of the season evaporated and I could feel my body and my mind come back to centre.

Summer after summer I would have this awareness that I didn’t quite feel like myself, and yet I would push through with projects and being visible and when I would fall short or succumb to what my whole SELF was asking me to do, instead of relaxing into its medicine I would freak out. Try harder, push more until it all collapsed like a house of cards.

This summer was different. I let go of any and all of the “should’s”. I didn’t write anything that was meant to be seen (at least anytime soon) and I processed my own stuff. In talking with my mentor just this week I made this huge breakthrough and gave voice to a Separation/Trauma of Self that needed to be realized and given time to start healing before I could really do anything else.

And what I love about this, is that I felt no guilt regarding not “Producing.” Not doing any or all of the things that others are doing. I trusted my own inner alchemies guidance and the timeline that supports me.

Theres that popular saying “Nothing in nature blooms all year long so be patient or don’t expect your self to either etc.. the last part always changes to suit the context.

I don’t bloom during the Fire Season.

I just don’t, I won’t apologize or make myself feel bad about it either.

In trusting my Element and the processes that I teach in the Embodied Alchemy Method I don’t have to question it. I just plan for it and with the Earth Element coming into our awareness, I feel ready to get to work, sharing myself and what I’ve been up to and inviting you to come and join me.

I’ve decided to really scale back my offerings for the rest of the year, putting my focus on my practice and supporting those that choose to join me in the Embodied Alchemy Mentorship.

Applications for the Embodied Alchemy Mentorship are open.

We start Tuesday September 18th.

If you’ve been feeling called to gain greater support for you both personally and professionally in your practice and business.

Where your Soul and intuition are honoured and given space to lead your path rather than shoved to the side until you reach a particular level of success and likely burnout.

Where you can set up your own rhythms for both inner processing and outward expressions of visibility for client attraction and offerings.

Where you can create soulful strategies to offerings and marketing that feels grounded and expansive using your words over a formula that everyone else is using.

Where you can take care of you and hold space for a circle of influence that is beyond what you can imagine. That you don’t have to choose one at the expense of the other.

If any of these intentions have given you even the slightest flutter in your chest or belly, I invite you to inquire further.

You can get all of the information about this years Mentorship by clicking here.

Or if you want to speak with me directly so we can discuss if this is the right fit for you at this time, please click here and we will set up a time to talk about your specific needs and goals and how this program may support you achieving them.

Deadline to enrol is Friday Sept 14th at 11:59MST.




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