Waiting For The Light

We’ve rolled into a new month and the consensus is that of joy and an exhale of relief. January is over! I’ve seen so many meme’s and comments about January being such a long and hard month for so many which got me to inquiring why?

Why does it seem that January is so difficult? Aside from the obvious, its cold, dark and flu season. Oh, and the holidays are over and there might be a hangover of expectation still lingering. But is it possible that its deeper than that?

As I settle into Water Season and its energetic, I notice even within myself a stirring of “WHEN IS IT OVER? But its not just pertaining to the month of January, really thats just arbitrary. Instead, as I sit with it just a little longer, I can begin to grasp what its really about and why I feel so tired.

Its this nagging urge that makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

Its the angst of waiting.

The energetic of Water, is at times absolutely magical, but it doesn’t just transform into that with a snap of your fingers or the willing of your expectations. No, it doesn’t know and frankly doesn’t care about your timelines or how long you’ve been sitting in the space waiting for something to shift. It leaves you wanting and requiring to settle in, getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

This is January. Its dark and cold and at times lonely, and it embodies that space between where we are when parts of our life cycle come to completion and the places where we are to go but haven’t yet been revealed. Depending on what phases of your cycle have come to completion the embodiment of Water and lets say January can last for much longer that 31 days. It may feel as though you’ve been hanging out in the dark waiting for the download to come thru for the better part of a year or longer.

The angst you feel, is part exhaustion not knowing how much longer you can keep holding the faith that something will reveal itself, when at the centre of your heart you still believe, and quite possibly the initial stirrings of the tide starting to shift.

As the Water Element shifts from yin to yang there is an organizing principle referred to as “Tun” that represents the cosmos arising from chaos. In metaphor its referred to as the accumulating, storing and collecting capacity of the seed as it prepares to face the challenges of manifesting new life and bring new possibilities into being when it breaks thru the soil and reaches the light.

This can not be rushed, however in the acknowledging that something may be occurring under the surface that you cannot yet see, a softening into grace can help you align to its destiny. Where you are able to get out of your own way and not sabotage the blueprint that is being created in your favour. Thus allowing you to become available to recognizing the steady steps that appear for you to begin the transformation that welcomes you back into the light.

Not all of our “WORK” requires doing. At times the best we can do is stay still, not force and allow the Dao to move things around for us.

If you’re feeling the angst, do what show up and hold true to the voice that tells you to hang tight and keep going. To assist you I have created these prompts to help lead your own discover.

Writing Prompt:

What in my life is currently ready to move upward to the light?

What in my life is still requiring more information and greater consolidation before I move forward?

What can I do to honour the space of receptivity while I wait for this to happen?





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