Your Soul Knows All Of Your Tricks

Within the Water Element one is able to convene with their soul and access the vastness of their divinity. It is here that answers and miracles come into being that moments before felt impossible and completely unexpected.

You want for a miracle,

You have to spend time in the Water Element to get it.

But the catch is, the miracle will be exactly what you need, perhaps not what you thought you wanted.

To access the universe, and its potency of potential, you have to be willing to surrender your desires, release your expectations and TRUST.

Time and time again, we are given examples where the goals and desires that we wanted were circumvented either by time or the opportunity for something better to come about when we just get out of our own way.

When we can’t will it to be with force and determination. We are called to convene with water and loosen our grip to dance with our destiny instead of lead with our ego.
I know this, but the Ego, the Mind, my Will are strong and they want to get shit done.

They want results.

And so rather than relinquish control, I pretend. Fingers crossed behind my back, I get clever. I put a timeline on how long I’m willing to wait. I create meaning where there isn’t any.

I subtly proclaim that the universe and my intuition better kick in and give me an answer or else….

Or else, nothing. I keep doing what I’m doing and it really doesn’t lead me anywhere that I really want to be.

Or maybe eventually it will, but it’s possible it doesn’t feel the way I thought it would, or it only does for a second and then I’m back searching.
Repeating the cycle again and again.
If you’ve had this experience too, I invite you to engage with this energetic differently this time around.

Instead of pushing, what would happen if you surrendered even just one thing that you’ve been pushing 10x harder than you want to.
It’s possible that you will notice the serendipity and messages that are meant for you over the ones you’re trying to create meaning for.

What do you have to lose?





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