Tending Your Inner Fire Is A Requirement For Your Soul


How’s your Inner Fire…your spark feeling lately?

Have you had a chance to come inward and check in with your desires?

To play, be curious, be sensual and wild?

If you’ve been preoccupied, thats okay. In fact, its completely normal.

Our Inner Fire often wanes as we get older, often as a result of our life being full. We need to focus our efforts and attention on our responsibilities and the needs of those we love. On a good day our “Fire” gets pushed to the side and told to wait.

Now, add in quarantines, kids, people in the house 24/7, homeschooling, fear and a “new normal” that requires even more work to get outside of the house whenever that can happen in your area. I’ll be honest, my inner Fire has fizzled, and I want it back in a BIG way!

Because I’m important and so are you. Our desires and whispers of our heart deserve our attention, now more than ever. It doesn’t even have to be a this or that type of a situation. Its actually possible that you can tend to your own needs and those that you love.

In my work with private clients, one of the most profound aspects of embodiment and the 5 Elements is to reignite the spark of Fire within. Its as if a light goes on, the soul comes online and the synchronicities to create a life that reflects their desires and truth begins to emerge. They thrive and so does everyone else within their circle of influence.

Heres the thing, All forms of Fire must tended. If its left on its own, at some point it will burn out. Leaving you feeling flat and uninspired.

Whats beautiful about noticing that the Fire has quelled is that it only takes the tiniest amount of effort to bring yourself back. Once you reignite the spark of your inner flame and it comes right back! Even though your outer circumstances are all still the same, you will be able to navigate them from a deeper place within that connects you to spirit and provides you the capacity to dream and desire for ways that you want to move and be in the world beyond this moment that we find ourselves in.

Small daily practices that allow you to connect to each of the 5 elements that make way for your soul to speak up and remind me that you are wise, wild, creative, nurturing and lets not forget ambitious.

Affirming that you hold the keys and permission to be all of the parts of yourself. That its possible to have it all. In what every way you define having it all.

To help navigate your way back to your heart and your inner flame. I put these daily devotionals into a FREE 7 day program: Reignite Your Spark.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, stuck and maybe just a little blah, Join me. Click Here to sign up and then you’re in.

It’s that simple. Each day you will get an email that is a combination of a Love Letter from an Element and a small and easy action that will invite you inward to become more intimate with your soul and your inner Fire.

If you feel called to jump in, let me know. I would love to cheer you on over this next week and witness the way your spark manifests itself in your life.





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