Your 5 Element Alchemy and Money



Just as there is no 2 Alchemies alike, there are no 2 definitions of wealth, abundance and prosperity that are same. Which is why its imperative that each of us takes the time and really truly spends time with the purpose for money and wealth is in our life.

Its easy to get swayed or influenced by others definitions, either through adapted money stores that you took on from your parents or grandparents, or maybe even your partner/spouse. Falling into habits that may or may not be really nourishing you and your capacity to feel incredibly supported by money and what it can do for you and your life.

For some fulfilling the Wood Element’s Areas of Life Influence is complete with incredible luxury and affluence, and for another its a matter of simplicity that is experienced as just as rich.

If you are in alignment with who you are. It can be what ever want to be. Loving the work that you do thats aligned to your truth, having money and wealth come into your life with ease. Having possessions that reflect back to you your values.

5 Elements, Money, Law of AttractionThe elements and your unique Element Alchemy can help guide you towards living in right relationship with your money and choices for spending and saving through the awareness of your Core Requirements.

Those motivators either conscious or unconscious that are pulling at you to be noticed and supported so that they and you may feel secure.
When unconsciously driving the motivations they can possibly sabotage our greater goals for the quick fix to feel good for a moment, only to need more and more as the thrill or feeling wears off.

When engaged with consciously, one can trust and prioritize purchases knowing exactly what helps to support your needs while also staying true to your greater dreams and goals.

In the Money Masterclass, we explore the Core Requirements of Dominant Element type as they relate Money, Wealth and Abundance so that you can bring awareness and choice back to your spending and saving habits to provide the potential for transformation and wholeness to be brought to your relationship with money and finances.

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