The Core Requirements To Following Desire

Its the Autumn Equinox here in the northern hemisphere and with it comes a day of balance. Equal light to dark, yin to yang, a container of support but with enough room to grow your own way.

We are in the Earth Season. Its a short one, Metal is prepared to take hold at any moment but for today, maybe for the next couple of weeks you can allow this energy and every ounce of its unconditional love to embrace you.

The Earth Element at its core is the Mother Energy. True Unconditional Love and support. It holds the ability to first receive its bounty and abundance. The fields and the seeds that we sown all that time ago are ready to be harvested, and enjoyed. And then when the feasting is complete the energy commits itself back to the earth to sow new seeds.

I invite you to take some time this weekend and allow for this energy to support you. Harvest your bounty and FEAST.

You can do this over a fabulous dinner among your family and friends or you can do this in healing solitude. It doesn’t much matter, follow your own energy. In either case, take stock of where your at, and more importantly where you can celebrate yourself and everything in your life that you are grateful for, have accomplished, brought a seed of desire full circle to its manifestation.

Savour these, don’t quickly skip over them and look to all the things you still have to do. Spend 24 hours basking in the glow of your achievements (big and small) and feel them enter your body.

If you end up doing this with friends one at a time take up space and receive your loved ones praise and attention. You deserve it.

And once you feel that this part of the phase is complete. (24 hours minimum)!

Then you can set new intentions. What do you want to bring forward in this next growing season. What sparks of desire that came in with the flames of the Fire season are asking to be brought into the body to ground and made a reality?

If you’re struggling with this step, or doubting if you desire is possible, then perhaps you can look to the earths requirements to provide more certainty.

Within each of the Elements we have Core Requirements that need to be satisfied in order for that particular element to be supported and fully activated. Once it is we can transition to the next Element with ease. Depending on your alchemy some requirements are easier to fulfill than others.

But when looking to start something new, reach for a goal or vision that takes you past your point of comfort, it can be really helpful to look at how these requirements can be fulfilled either through the activation of that particular goal or as a means to support you in going for it.

The Earth Element NEEDS!!!!! TO:

Feel Supported

This may come in the form of sharing your desire with another person so that they can support and cheer you on. It could be a coach that helps guide you and provide accountability.

The Earth Element Sings the Desires of the Heart and Fire Element.
Shout it from the rooftops, so that an audience of individuals can hold you, or maybe its something that you share to a small group, maybe just one person that can really see who we are and hold us through the times that we feel uncertain. It doesn’t matter which way feels more true. Whats important is that you share it with someone. There is an energy that enters a desire when its been given a voice. It’s magic, use it.

Be Nourished
How do you intend to take care of yourself in the pursuit of your dreams. With no rules here, check in with your physical body and tap into her needs. Self-Love rituals are incredibly important here, take steps that honour them.

Be Centred
I mean its the Earth Energy. So being grounded goes without saying but its not as easy for some as it is for others, so look for the places where you can bring the energy down. Desires can sometime live in the ethers and without finding centre they too often become just good ideas that live in your head. Invite them down into the body, into the reality. Look to the ways that the energy of them is already present in your life and make that a point of reference for you to come back to everyday to assist you in finding your centre.

Have Mental Clarity
Meditation, Breath work, Visualization, Inner Mentor work are all fabulous ways to help solidify the dream. The earth energy loves to ruminate and overthink. Over-analysis-Paralysis will take hold. the above practices will help to clear some of the clutter in your mind, and with the steady steps of being supported, nourished and centred the clarity of your vision will start to take hold.

Being Understood
Is a requirement of earth, but its a tricky one as it can often lead us to the ever perpetuating pattern of people pleasing. This is not what this is.

Being understood, is an internal process, where Who You Are is honoured within your desire.

Each of us are individuals, we may even have the same big picture desire, but we each have our unique requirements, values and essence that will help our desire to take shape, which ultimately will make it our own. Doing it our own way. Understanding and honouring your unique essence is what allows you to “walk the path less travelled” and go your own way. To do this you can spend some time getting to know your Alchemy in more depth, by checking out the 5 Element Quick Guidebook and seeking the fulfilment of your Elements Core Requirements. Click here to get your copy or enter your name below and it will arrive in your inbox.

Or perhaps something with even more depth is what you’re being called to find, as this is the perfect time and season to dive in to self discovery. You can check out the Embodied Alchemy Method and continue to deepen your relationship to these Elements and the phases that can support you in taking that spark of desire through to its full manifestation and impact. To learn more click here.

If you resonated with this piece of writing I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below on my Blog or hit me up here in an email.





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