Be Here Now

Theres a settling that occurs within the Earth Element that has taken hold of me recently. Not “Settling” for something when I’m capable of more. But more of a grounded energy that is bringing me to the Preset timeline. As it happens, one moment at a time and its allowing me to feel at home, in a way that I have never experienced before.

Different from the energies of Wood and Fire that are projecting vision, dreams and inspiration into timelines beyond my knowing. These are important too, just as much as the energies of Metal and Water that are connecting me to my past. Except, at times both of the polarities (yin and yang) can hold me hostage. Constantly looking back or providing the portal to escape into a time and space when everything might or may be different, or possibly the same but better….it has to be better right?!

Instead, the Earth Energy holds the space in-between, not yesterday, not tomorrow but right here, right now and for a girl that has always had one foot in and the other ready to jump out to the next best thing, allowing myself to stand in one spot is the much needed reprieve that I need.

For the better part of four years I’ve been searching, looking high low and far away at all of the things that are available to me to do and be and even in the moments when I think I’ve arrived at the moment where they might transform they haven’t brought that sense of being home. That essence of what I thought was around the corner and going to fulfill me in every way that I envisioned evaded me once again.

While much of my journey has been in this space of work, my practice, teaching and writing we all do this. The Wood and Fire especially loves to take hold and have us chase dreams for more money, another baby, a smaller dress size, a higher position in your company.

And all of these visions/goals are wonderful, and being in a doing stage is important. Just as it is to return to the parts of our past that need refinement and reflection to allow for that growth and development to occur. But to often the pivot of enjoying the moment as it is. is lost or passed over to be rushed into the next and best.

The Earth Element is short and sweet seasonally, and in some ways its that same compactness within our transformational journeys that allows for us to not “settle” or become complacent and lethargic. But its still necessary to come home, savour sweetness and be grounded in things as they are.

It’s okay if you want them to be different, but in order to truly change the situation we have to be intimate with everything that it is.

There may be things that you might just want to keep as they are and only a few shifts in perception or action will allow the full potential of the vision to become a reality.

And then there is others where you are throwing out and starting with a fresh slate. We only can know which option is the answer after we’ve spent time in this space and taking stock of how our present situation and surroundings nourish and support us.

What does that mean for me? It means you will find me in my practice, new sparks and intentions have created a grounded sensation that I have been searching for all of this time. I don’t regret the journey that has brought me full circle here but with a slight change in perception and a few changes to my offerings, I can feel at home and present to both my needs and those of my patients. You can click here for more info and book your sessions.

I am also currently supporting an amazing group of women in the Embodied Alchemy Mentorship and that too feels deeply healing and an authentic way for me to serve. Click here to get on the waitlist. Or if you want to dive in right now you can start with the online self-study.

I am currently feeling into the idea of offering this material in another format (a series of day workshops?) I’m still not sure. I would love your feedback if you missed joining me this year in the mentorship but don’t want to wait until next year to work with me.

And then I’m back writing, devotional essays to you, and sharing when I feel that it is of value.

For today if there is anything that I can impart to you, it’s to follow the places within that call you to “Be Here Now” there is immense value in holding two feet in the same space, breathing and being who you are in this moment of time.

And for the dreamers and ones that love living in future timelines, you’re added incentive of being in the now could be that pausing and being present even for a short time could set off a chain of events that lead you to an even grander life than you could dream of….





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