Expectation vs. Intention and Lets Not forget About Rules

Water requires a container but it doesn’t dictate its size, shape or purpose.

We do that.

We consciously or unconsciously do that with our intentions, expectations and rules and in return water reflects them back to us. Each with their own gifts and lessons.

When we bring expectations into the water phase we more or less just skim the surface not really giving the real power of water to reveal its depth and beauty the opportunity to assist you in your goals.

Because you pre-decided what you’re wanting and what you’re going to get or make happen, the truth is you don’t really want any input from another source.

Not the Divine, not your alchemy, you may not even want your true self to weigh in. You ignore the gut feelings, and you miss any and all signs that don’t reciprocate your belief that what you’re doing and going for is the right thing.

Ego is just pushing you through, telling you what you want to hear and there is this false sense of security that all the stars are aligning to make it so.

As an aside which is kind of a funny not funny moment and I mean that whole heartedly because I’ve been here and I’ve done all of this, but its interesting when things don’t work out and your expectations and all the signs and all of it all fall apart, ego is quick to step out of the way so that you can feel betrayed by the universe, God, your intuition etc. When actually your intuition had nothing to do with any of it, because your ego and tunnel vision ignored all of it the whole way thru.

All this to say, when you bring Expectations into the water phase you would just assume skip it and get to the doing of wood, all you’re looking for is a little extra will power to put your head down and keep going.

Hows if been working for you so far?

And then theres RULES.

When we bring rules into the water phase we fool ourselves into thinking that we’re giving water choice.

With a false sense of surrender, we enter Water to help us figure out what comes next, we’re willing to listen to soul, spirit and self but…..only if it happens in accordance with what makes us comfortable.

We can usually identify if we’ve brought rules or pre-conditions into the Water phase when we’ve set timelines, and objectives and ultimatums. When we require proof that what we’re doing here is working, or else…

I’m out and setting the course as I see fit, blinders up, hello expectations.

Rules make way for backhanded expectations, surrendering for the sake of something good on the other side.

Again, I’ve been here and either again it didn’t work out or it did and I was miserable and felt trapped by my own doing.

Which brings us to Intentions.

Intentions require the full release and surrender of them after they’ve been put out into the universe or else their just expectations in disguise.

Intentions live and breath like any want or longing but with out the strings.

You may not get your desire fulfilled, but fulling submerging yourself with in the water phase of desires and manifestation, you come to a place of acceptance, where organically you’re at peace and okay with the end result what ever it might be.

Because, in return for your faith and trust that your intention will work out as its meant to, water offers up refinement, for authenticity, integrity and your souls knowing along with its voice to reveal what comes next.

Steady steps and confirmed grounded knowing of how that intention is best served out in the world as a living breathing thing, as well as how you can walk beside it feeling whole.

It might not be how you first imagined it, I think its safe to say that most of the times its usually better, serving both you and the world in the most profound and incredible ways.

It can be scary to fully surrender your desires and release the strings and control, buts its worth it, if you’re willing to try.





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