The Year of The Earth Dog and what it means for you

Happy New Year!!!

Today we welcome the Chinese New Year, for me the start of the year, and this year we are being guided by the trustworthy and faithful Earth Dog.

So what does that mean for you and me and the world?

A few things, first and for most, the Dog energy is more grounded than its last two predecessors, Monkey and Rooster, can we all collectively praise AMEN for that fact!

But even though its more grounded, there is still going to be a lot of work to do. Exhausting at times, but equally rewarding at the end of it all.
I mean if you just bring your favourite furry friend into your minds eye, they run and run and run, but its oh so satisfying, and then they rest and they get up and they do it again, with the same fun loving warmth and enthusiasm.

Thats what collectively we will be doing this year. The dog earth energy highlights the importance of universal values of dialogue and solidarity, as it values, loyalty, honesty, equality and social justice. Needless to say we have a lot of good solid energy being ushered into support the world and each of us individually through 2018.

And how does this all relate to you in particular?

Taking a moment to reflect on all of that reorganization, shadow work that just couldn’t be ignored, and the clarity and decisiveness that hopefully came into your awareness this past year. Now its time to get to work and execute it. Probably not all at once, step by step, lag by lag, remembering to rest, take a breath, eat, spend some moments basking in the sunlight and then doing again.

Little steps amount to great distances, so hold true to the path, and you will get there.

Because of all of this Yang doing action, there is also an invitation to take really good care of yourself, in particular your health. You’re putting a lot of miles in so to speak, your body requires itself to be in peak performance. So if you’ve been feeling called to come back to some of your health routines that you abandoned for one reason or another, or are feeling compelled to break up with some less than desirable habits now is the perfect time to do this and come home to your body.

And hey, you don’t have to do any of this by yourself. Collaboration and being with like-minded individuals is also in order. Find your Pack, and allow all of this ‘WORK’ to feel like PLAY.

You may also be redirected to acknowledge the collective need over just your own as you get going. The Rooster can be a little vain and self-centred, where as the Earth Dog is more focused on sharing the love.

So how can your objectives serve not just you, but those you love, your circle of influence, community and beyond? You don’t necessarily need to know how far you reach because its likely beyond what you can preconceive within the power of a ripple effect.

Placing even the smallest of intention on the outward possibilities for you standing in your truth, speaking with your voice, and loving deeply is infectious and impactful.

So do it honestly, with a whole heart and the world will be made more just, inclusive and loving as a result, and thats good for all of us.





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