Three Weeks In and Still Not Feeling Like the New Year?

I’m easing myself into 2018. It kind of feels like a half-snowplow, I want to embrace something that I can feel coming into my awareness and I want changes to “like for real happen this year” and then part of me that still wishes to hang back and say not yet. Just give me a couple more weeks.

It’s always been this way for me, I’m way more aligned to the changing of the archetypes with the Chinese New Year than I am with the calendar year and January 1st. And if you’re feeling the same way, than perhaps this will serve you as the confirmation that its okay to still feel like you’re stuck in 2017.

Until the 16th of February, we are in the final stages of the Rooster and all of his glory before we transition into something that is a little more grounded with the Earth Dog.

So to really activate these last few weeks if you will, the Rooster is about waking up and getting clear. If you’re trying to make any sense of where you want to go this year, you don’t necessarily need the plan just yet, the emergence of the dog energy will help you with help you out, but for right now, just get clear.

What do want? If you got that part what do you need? Who do you need in the forms of support and systems? Be willing to shake up what is and what’s always been a certain way and see if there is more refinement that you can make room for.

For me this is showing up in the sense of getting support. On Winter Solstice, I wrote out my 2017, what was shitty, what seems to be finding its way to feeling grounded, and other possibilities that I would like to hold space for without creating too many expectations for their outcome.

On a whole 2017, like for many people was a pretty rough year. I’m a rooster and naturally I thought I would have this year in the bag, but instead it brought me to my knees, really needing to restructure and think outside of the box as to how I was going to move forward.

I’m still figuring it out, but if anything, this past year made what was glaringly clear what wasn’t working and illuminated it times a thousand.

And from here, as I continue seek that refinement and change I’m surrendering a very long held belief that I can figure it all out on my own and have started gathering my support.

Coming back to my 5 Element Mentor, coming back to my trainer to support me in the needs of my body’s movement, I changed Dr’s to one that take the time to listen and is willing to experiment with me to find the right pathway to wellness.

I’m far from done in seeking my team but its a start, and with that I’m listening to people that inspire me, and have walked part of the path that I long to walk and then feel empowered to forge my own way.

So if you’re like me and still shaking a bit of the sleepiness of the first part of January, then I invite you to set aside some time and get clear on what you want and what or who you need that can help to support you as you prepare to leap.

One thing that I have been working on behind the scenes these past few weeks is I was asked to be an expert speaker with the money medicine summit, sharing how to use the 5 Elements to increase your wealth through alchemy and wholeness.

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