Elemental Energy Luscious Living Podcast Interview

This past month I had the most amazing time speaking with Laura Milne and Betsy Milne (not related) from Luscious Living Podcast about the 5 Elements and the benefits of adding Acupuncture to your self-care routine.


~ Exploring what the 5 Elements are in Tradition Chinese Medicine and how they can affect you. ⠀

~A deeper look into how your Elements work together and help shape your personality and energy.⠀

~The benefits of tuning into our intuition and energy instead of fighting our innate desires and needs.⠀
~I share my own insights into my acupuncture practice and some of the benefits you can expect when you go for a treatment.⠀

~The importance of self-care and the role acupuncture can play in your practice.⠀

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Have a listen here and enjoy! 


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