Goals Occur in Cycles Instead of Straight Lines

The Emergence of the Wood Energy has had me really spending some time with what comes next. Ideas are buzzing, old ones are calling on my attention asking to be repurposed and reinvented and its gotten me thinking about the evolution of an idea or goal and the way that they cycle over just being a destination and end point.

We’re taught from a really early age to set goals and create linear steps to get from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be).

It makes sense, but then when it doesn’t happen that way, or as we expected both in outcome or timing (we’re always cursing timing) we find ourselves utterly defeated and quite often feeling as though the universe has betrayed us. When its far from that fact.
The fact is, goals and visioning aren’t a straight line, or as finite as we expect them to be. There is no fixed point in the realm of self discovery, creation and evolution.

But its a slippery slope, its just so easy to fall prey to the simplicity that a linear, magic, fairy dusted path could possibly offer us. Usually somewhere in the fine print it also requires perfect execution, the weather also has to be perfect and your thoughts must never sway from anything but positivity & light.

Which is BS, impossible and the reason why most people with incredible ideas never have their gifts and work shared with the world.

Even when working with my clients in the Embodied Alchemy Method, I can see where this same patterning come into play and takes them for a bit of a ride.

In the method, we’re working sequentially, we start in Fire, with the sparks of desire and ideas that ask to be heard and executed, and then we go through the processes of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and back to fire, and one would expect that when we come back to Fire, we’re done, the dream in its entirety is fulfilled. Now just sit back and enjoy your life…
But its not like that at all. Yes, something happens, something emerges, it may even be something that can be tangibly expressed out in the world for others to see or maybe even buy. ( I work with a lot of entrepreneurs.)

It is totally possible for great things to happen within one cycle, and they often do.

But if we were to leave it there, and expect that there is no more inner work to be done, or that the initial prototype that came into form can’t be improved upon in some way then we’re selling ourselves and your dreams short.

It’s possible that this emergence of success is only the stepping stone to a larger vision than the one you had the first time you entered the circle. You may have to enter the circle 3,4 or 10 times before you begin to really feel and see the outward expression of your heart desire make the impact that truly reflects all that you are.

So instead of just a point B, allow yourself the freedom of how the stepping stones that bring you there, or perhaps in a completely different direction and destination are all part of your success, 2 steps backwards or going off on a tangent for a little while is not failure, it just might be the necessary course correction that brings everything together in the most meaningful way.

So turn inward into your heart, nurture the vision as its currently revealing itself to you and grow with it as it seeks the light.





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