Allow Metal to Guide You Into the Depths Of Your Soul

There’s a stickiness to the energy of late. Water is beginning to surface, Earth wants to hold and foster the transition and Metal is holding on for dear life not yet ready to let go completely. It feels murky and heavy and before I fully submerge myself in the waters I can feel an intensity to continue refining my experiences. Letting go of anything and everything that doesn’t serve me moving into this new growing phase and renewal.

But its hard, most of the time my head feels like mud. my people pleasing Earth doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, my water just wants to be free, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’m so incredibly grateful to the little bit of Metal that has been cultivated over these past few years because its helping me stay present to what is true.

Maybe you’re feeling it to. A heaviness thats arisen over the last few weeks, where you’re being confronted by your patterns of comparison or perfection. Perhaps its a vice like grip that is holding you to look in the mirror so that you no longer hide from yourself and the things that you don’t want to see. Another way that metal surfaces is through integration of something that has been recurring in your life and its ready for the next level and calling you to surrender and take a leap of faith.

What ever it is and however its showing up for you in this moment, let me confirm to you that this is the heart of the metal element, it takes all of those rough edges and allows you to see them for what they are and then if your willing helps to guide you in creating it into a work of art.

Metal can be hard and cold and ridged on the surface, but it holds the capacity for alchemy and for any and all of its materials to be shaped, moulded, chiseled, melted and opened up. In the realm of self-development this is the place where you find gold, the purpose to your WHY, and the reason why you keep doing the work.

There will be moments when you would rather just skip over this part and get to the plan, or just follow someone else path, but I implore you to just be with the sticky energy for a little while longer, it will shift, because that is what the elements do, they lead themselves to the next phase organically, you don’t have to force it and with it will come epiphanies and inspiration that are meant for only you.

To get more clarity you may feel the inclination as I have to then surrender and let go of things, people, events, and beliefs that are holding your energy hostage or stagnant, and then following the flow, because where there is energy there is life, and I want as much of that as my cells can experience in any given moment.

If you are feeling called to work more intimately with these energies and how they support your creativity and desires and you want some added support from myself, for the month of December, Using the Coupon Code THANKYOU17 I am offering my digital programs both the Inner Alchemy Digital Program and the Embodied Alchemy Method (full pay) at 25% off.

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