Sustainable Containers for Healing

The healing journey is fraught with many ups and downs, two steps forward and one step back.

In the beginning like anything we go all in, devouring information and affirming our changed ways convinced that we will never go back to the way we were before.

However, healing and your devotion to your liberation requires conscious sustainability. Burnout serves no one and a supportive container that nurtures you while you unlearn and let go of the parts of your identity or life’s experience mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually that no longer serve you or humanity is what will provide you the endurance to see it thru, for as long as takes.

The work of becoming intimate with your soul and all of its facets is a life long process. There is no end, once you have been initiated inward there really is no way to turn a blind eye to what is required of you unless you’re willing to numb to forget.

This past week the realms of our collective awareness have been broadened and there is much healing to be done. Its always been there for each of us to do, however this time it would appear that its caught our attention with greater urgency.

Intersectionality is and has always been a piece of the puzzle for each of us in our own ways to tease apart our lenses of perception and bias. If you’re unfamiliar with the term intersectionality it is by definition a theoretical framework for understanding how aspects of one’s social and political identities (gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, height etc.) might combine to create unique modes of discrimination.

Anti-racism and all oppression work is part of our healing journey. It is a part of my healing journey.

It is our responsibility to actively engage with both the realities of where we are the oppressor and in others where we are the oppressed. Naturally one aspect of this work is going to feel better to do, but in order for us to consolidate our wholeness, we must also look at the darker denser fragments that exist within and walk them home. One step at a time.

Healing and oppression work will be unending for each of us in this current life’s expression.
We can’t treat it like a 7 day juice cleanse and then go back to our regular ways of doing things. Which is why its important to create sustainable containers for yourself to continually engage with it so that it may be integrated into the larger body of your inner work.

Creating the intention to reading x number of books per month, signing up for a course as it relates to your work and the ways in which you can safely expand and support diversity and inclusivity within your company’s culture. Properly citing and crediting BIPOC’s work, and paying them for their teaching. Taking a pause in conversations and choosing to listen more, (marginalized individuals tend to hold back and allow the majority to speak, saying very little) as a few examples of where you can start and then keep going.

You will not get gold stars for doing this work. This is not about seeking or receiving approval. You can’t just read the books likes it’s a checklist to collect an A for Effort. READ THE BOOKS! They are important and then put what you’ve learned into action by having the conversations at your kitchen table, in your workplace, in the quietness of your mind. In time, your lens of perception will broaden and you will become more acutely aware of how you participate unknowingly so that you may change your actions and the actions of others.

Committing to walk the path towards liberation for all, will allow for an expansion in your heart and the capacity to hold space for the evolution of our human experience.

It’s worth it.

We can all do hard things.

If this post was especially triggering, made you feel uncomfortable, bring about feelings of shame or embarrassment, have the feelings. Let it out or shake it out. Shaking is a way in which the our bodies initiate the release of emotion and trauma away from the internal organs and helps to reset the nervous system out of Fight or Flight so that you can think clearer. You may check out this link to guide you thru a shaking exercise.

For resources and places to start with anti-racism work, begin here.

Sending you mega love,




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