What Do The Elements Have To Do With Money

Its a valid question, but I assure you the answer is SO MUCH!
Money, your job, your image and possessions all fall under the energetics of the Wood Element. As its driven, upward and outward, it values growth and development, bigger, stronger, faster.

All this to say, the Wood Element in our culture gets a lot of attention. The pull to put our focus here is mighty, and its very easy to allow the other areas of our life, like our self-care, relationships, and even our connection to spirit to take a back seat or be put on hold until the Wood Element gets what it needs.

If I just make so much more…

After this launch….

When I have so many clients or patients, then….

But the wait is too long, and Wood being Wood, there is always a new goal and another projection thats going to commandeer your attention and energy and then that other stuff, just gets the scraps of your time, or is only half its potential.

But, heres the thing, its possible to bring your attention to the Whole of your life and still make money, pursue the job of your dreams or whatever you conceive is your destiny in the realm of money and success. Where you can really have all of that and have this amazing fulfilling life that gets to support you along the way not after.
Its not an either or, or an all or nothing thing

It starts by creating right relationship with Money and the rest of your life.
If you’re ready to make the shift.

The 5 Elements of Money Masterclass is waiting for you to say YES to having it all.

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