The Other Side of Water

Can you feel it?

Water is shifting, its starting to quicken, and move.

The yin part of water always gets lots of attention because its such a contrast to our usual go go go and yang wood energy that wants to run the show at all times.

Its easy to forget the paradox that water holds, that calm still pool of water that offers up its looking glass for one to peer into the depths of their soul and at the same time it can also be a rushing stream, waterfall or even a tidal wave that can create some serious change in a split second.

Water within us exists in both entities, yin and yang, and when the yang part wants to play look out. Its about to get really real, likely pretty vulnerable and theres no going back to where you came from.

Quite often you have to sit in the uncomfortableness of Water’s yin before its yang arises and thats because theres no hiding here, only you and a whole lot of silence, time and thoughts. Lots and lots of thoughts. If you’ve ever found yourself in this place, not knowing what comes next, praying for a sign or even an inkling of what you’re supposed to be doing so you can get out this place you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Its in this place where we can seek alignment, have our values, our Self and desires all meld together to hopefully provide us with greater purpose and direction. Water knows no time and so depending on that particular desire it can feel like you hang out in the Yin forever..

But then all of a sudden it happens, as if lighting strikes and the inspiration fills your soul and you can feel the beginning of the upwards surge of direction that lifts you out into some form of action.

Sometimes you get the big picture, and other times you just receive your next steady step. It really doesn’t matter which one comes through to you, all that matters is that you trust it and follow its flow. It may not of all come together where you can plan it out in your calendar, but as you come close to completing that first steady step, the next one will show up and then you do that one and the next one.

The evolution of the Elements is generative, theres an innate momentum that occurs when we seek the guidance and support of what they have to offer us. Trust it, if you feel the initiation to move, jump or leap, have faith that its leading you in the direction that you aspire to go.

Much like a seed that is sown, those first steps in breaking through the husk and growing roots to receive the minerals, and nutrients from the soil, its all unseen. Its all done with faith that one day the growth pattern will shift from inner to outer, because it just has to. There is no other way, the emergence of that seed to becoming a sprout, transitions it to the Wood phase of its growth.

The same is true for you. What ever little steps that you’re being called to take in these next few weeks, do them, seek the alignment, do them your way and when Wood is ready to take it and run, let it.





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