Another Year, and I Have 20 More Things

Its that time of year again!

20 things you may not know about me. The feedback that I get is that this particular blog series is most peoples favourite. It was inspired by one of those ridiculous excerpts in an US magazine with 20 things in my purse or something like that, I think I was on a plane and thought it might be fun to offer the inside scoop on my life, quirks and random other things that would never come up in a regular conversation.

And every year I think that it will be impossible to come up with a list that was different from the last, but it appears that I get to keep it going for another one. If you’re new to this community or if you want a good laugh and want to know me on a much deeper level you can click these links to read up on past 20 things 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Here goes 2017.

1. I draw a card each morning as part of my morning ritual. My question usually pertains to where I should put my focus that day. Currently I’m using the Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid.

2. I’m an INFJ and the assessment appears pretty accurate.

3. I kept my maiden name Abbs, partly because of professional reasons and mostly because I think its a kick ass last name and I just couldn’t part with it.(it’s also E’s middle name)

4. I consider myself to be somewhat of an ‘indoor cat’. I love the metaphors and medicine that nature brings us, but I prefer it on the other side of the glass and only going out for a little air now and then or if its all covered in ice and snow then I’m game..

5. I hate most things related to summer outdoors, hiking, camping, etc.. see number 4. I can’t handle being dirty, sticky, smoky and don’t even get me started on the wind. But I have tried, I’ve been fishing, camping, quading, gardening and I’m okay not doing them again.

6. I’m the extrovert in our household, and with the fact that I’m still actually an introvert means we spend a lot of time by ourselves at home.

7. I’ve never had a real “JOB” EVER. I taught skating through school, and then opened my practice and work for myself. I almost joined another practice a few years ago, but as I signed the contract I felt like I was suffocating so I pulled out and haven’t looked back. This year I celebrated my 10th year here at TerraSana Health.

8. The aesthetics of a room, lighting, smell, sound and flow are incredibly important to me. Especially in a treatment room.

9. Except I have an incredibly messy desk. I try my hardest to get things tidied up there but it never happens, at this point I think I just have to own it and I’m told it means that your a creative genius or something like that so I’ll take it!

10. I’ve lived in Montreal QC, for 2 years at age 17-19 and Victoria BC at 22 for 10 months but I’ve always come home to Calgary. I feel the most grounded here.

11. Over this past year I’ve developed a love affair with Essential Oils. I have even begun to implement them in the treatment room and as resources for clients.

12. I grew up on an acreage with a random selection of animals, peacocks, chickens, ducks, goats (I hated those dudes), a rabbit named Toby, my horse named Roxy, and the usual cats and dogs.

13. I developed my allergy to cats at the age of 12, so the cats eventually became barn cats.

14. My favourite flowers are hydrangeas and peonies.

15. I have a scar on the corner of my lip from play fighting with a friend in high school, she went for my shoulder but I moved and she clocked my jaw and my tooth went through it. I had my wisdom teeth out a few days later and my face was a mess for a little while after.

16. My favourite scent is eucalyptus, can’t get enough of it.

17. I ALWAYS!! put on my Left shoe first. I think it started as a superstition when I was competing but now it feels weird if I don’t do it and I will actually take off my shoes and do it the other way around if I happen to start with the right.

18. I graduated my undergrad degree with a Bachelor of Arts instead of Science because I miscalculated my credits in my last semester. At the last minute I changed one of my science classes to a history class, (which I regret on so many levels) and had to either come back for another semester to take one class or convert my designation. I had already been accepted to Acupuncture school and I badly wanted to have a summer off so I forfeited the B.Sc. (not going to lie it still bugs me every now and then given how much I suffered through organic chemistry and calculus)

19. Newly discovered allergies: Chia seeds and Psyllium

20. I don’t like wearing things around my neck, its probably a thyroid thing, but I find necklaces heavy on my neck and can only wear them for a short time before they start to feel like they are strangling me. Same goes for scarfs, I also don’t like having people touch my neck it freaks me out and at one point I punched someone who tried.

Hopefully this list was informative and also good for a laugh at my expense.





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