What Deficiencies In Your Element Chart Really Mean


This week has been really fun. Day 2 of the #igniteyoursparkchallenge really took everything to another level as we got to look at our Element types and how the 5 Elements manifest themselves with us.

It was apparent that when someones dominant element and perhaps even their secondary element was revealed, things make sense. Reading over the tendencies, the virtues, the vices there was some element of truth that grounded in the experience for everyone that participated.

And not only that, but provided confirmation to answering the question “Why you are the way you are”

Too often we are feeling like something is wrong with us, or that we’re flawed in some way. That we need to improve ourselves with hard work and will power so that we may fit a particular mold and replicate someone else’s success or life.

But in fact, we are all operating from different sets of Alchemy’s. Different dominant Elements, different values, different hang-ups and these need to be honoured before we do anything else.

And this is where our Elemental deficiencies come into play, because quite often where we are comparing ourselves we are comparing their dominant Element attributes to our own element deficiencies. Their strengths may very well be ones that feel foreign or forced when we try to fake it until we make it. And likely if they were to turn the tables, they would feel the same about your gifts and where they are made to believe they don’t measure up.

To further ground this conversation let’s take this idea to a real life example, I’m going to use my chart. I’m 12 Earth, 7 Water, 3 Fire and then 1 in each of Metal and Wood.

Looking at the way the Elements manifest themselves within me, I’m a Dominant Earth Element with a strong Secondary Element of Water and then Fire, Wood and Metal are my most deficient.

As discussed before, my areas of genius are caretaking, mothering, nurturing, creating a container to foster others and create harmony among them.

I also have a strong Water component, so I like looking at the big picture, I’m a dreamer, I am comfortable delving into my shadow and connecting to the lower energies of Spirit (doing soul work). Authenticity is something that is very important to me. If a direction or action doesn’t feel authentic, where any point of it feels forced or fake, I back out or sabotage it so that I can go back to the drawing board. I also require a lot of solitude and reflection.

And then there are the energies that I have to work a little harder for. Organization and holding true to my routine even when I know it’s good for me, the safety of structure and ritual that Metal provide. The vision, fortitude and follow through that the Wood Energy holds as truth, and then the Fire, the star power and willingness to be seen and open are lines that I frequently have to navigate. I will gladly give you everything I have to help you out. But sharing about myself is a whole other story.

In truth, there are parts of these energies that I am very good at, I have cultivated an ability to bring ritual into my life. As I have sat in the creation phase of my career and purpose for the last 3 years, my inner metal has become stronger. I can rely on it when I call upon it. But it hasn’t translated in my chart and I’m okay with that. I know where to find it.

I am able to get things done and accomplish much in my life. This is my inner Wood energy, and in cultivating it, I know that I can’t just jump on my first idea and run with it. Some people can, but for me Empowered Action must come full circle, my Earth and Water need to be present, in the Embodied Alchemy Method we discuss how this can be done with ease. But for now, when I have taken the necessary steps to align my desire with who I am, getting traction and walking the path to reach my goals becomes easy.

And with Fire, I can collaborate and be present, love unconditionally, and discern how my love and needs are expressed in this world. But I also know that in order for me to do this with its most profound impact, this love and service must be grounded, and balanced with my need to be alone with my thoughts and continually navigating the gates of my heart so that I feel safe to share and at the same time free to evolve and hold more in my heart.

The reality is nothing about you needs to be changed. This information is just pieces of the puzzle to help confirm that you are you and that you don’t need to apologize for it. And then there is a path and invitation to look at how these energies can take care of you when you are wanting to leap or go after something that you want.

To often we find ourselves in comparison with other people and forgetting to take into account that the way we operate, feel, and think is different.

When we begin to love the parts of us that are our innate gifts and relieve the pressure off of the places where we feel we are flawed we have room to grow and evolve and make decisions that feel good. We begin to foster our wholeness and trust that this belief is true.

When this happens, its not just our lives that benefit but it ripples out and impacts everyone that we love. Where we live a life of love and legacy.

If you’re feeling the call to connect to your Element type and understand “Why you are the way you are” Click the link, enter and confirm your email to receive the 5 Element Quiz and Ebook along with an invitation to join our current challenge for chances to win some fun prizes, and then share it with me in our private FB group and we can go even deeper into it’s meaning.





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