What do Anxiety, A Cosmic Smack Down and Embracing Fire Have In Common?


I got back from Vacation last Friday, a week at the lake was just what Sheldon, Little E and I needed, but as I began to prepare for my week back at the clinic and looking at the upcoming projects that I am wanting to make headway on, I had this crazy panic enter my body.

Were talking THREE anxiety attacks, in a super short period of time. I instantly had to go and ground myself, feel some fresh air and sleep on my own so that I can allow what ever was happening to come through or settle down.

Shake, Be Still, Both It looks a little chaotic at midnight let me tell you.

The truth of the matter is, Summer is a really hard time for me. The energy of Fire is a bit foreign. I always skipped over it growing up, until I was 19 I spent the entire summer, pretty much everyday, all day in an ice arena. Summer was for hard-core training and laying the foundation for the year to come. More of a Metal Energy that we naturally harness in the Fall, which has nothing to do with the care free, desire fuelled, do what you want energy of Fire.

In fact, the Fire energy is so hard for me to embrace, when I finished skating, I aligned up my schedule so that I was completing courses in university during the months we were supposed to be off, and when I graduated, I went back to teaching skating during this time and then I started my business. Summer was busy, but it was structured.

Quiz 1 Option (Are you ready)(Quiz)To be completely honest, I have no way, and no skills on how to let it all go. Even though Sunday night, this was what the message was when my body could finally settle to listen.

I took a couple of days to just let that message sink in, even though I had no idea what it really meant. I mean isn’t everything I’m doing supposedly something I like or want to do?

And then, on Wednesday morning, I opened up my inbox to read Dr. Deb Kern’s blog post which included a little cosmic truth that I just had to share with you.

It’s actually an excerpt from astrologist Anne Ortelee that she references, but see if this has any resonance for you and whats happening around you.

“Venus has three unions with Jupiter (July 1, August 4, and October 25) and three squares with Saturn (July 14, August 5, October 10). As Venus dances back and forth with Jupiter and Saturn, she’s figuring out what the future holds for her (and you). She’s in Leo the first two times ~ encouraging the heart to choose the path it needs to take. You are starting a new 12 year abundance cycle with Jupiter and a new 8 year heart cycle with Venus. Think back to the Augusts of 2007, 1999, 1991, 1983, 1975, and 1967 to see your heart path of Venus unfolding in your life!”

Okay, so I don’t remember what was happening for me in 1983 (I was 2) and again in 1991 but in 1999, I was fresh off from graduating high school, and preparing to start my studies at university, and in that summer also made the decision that it would be my last year of competing.

2007, After passing my Acupuncture boards and buying my practice TerraSana, that summer I was leaning everything and anything about being an entrepreneur.  My relationship with Sheldon was getting more serious by the day, we decided to move in together. Both of those years were HUGE pivots and realignments to my life path.

So it only makes sense that the next part of 2015 is going to be just as BIG! And much like the previous big years, I had no prior plans for much of that to happen. The decisions, the opportunities came in swiftly without warning and things just fell into place.

To top that all off, I then proceeded to pull a card from my favourite Tarot deck, yes I’m a super airy fairy Woo Woo chick at heart. And Kali practically leapt out at me. Kali is the Hindu Goddess that is the embodiment of Mother Nature, who cleanses awy the old with natural storms and fires to make the ground fertile for new crops and life. The mantra that accompanied the card was The old must be release so that the new can enter.

How is that for Serendipity?!

So what does this mean, what am I going to do with this information. I’m not quitting my job anytime soon, but it does mean that I can close any projects and tie up loose ends that just aren’t coming together. Let them go for a little while and see what comes through to fill the space. And then…

Welcome the Fire.

If you want tips on how to embrace the Fire, take the quiz, reveal your element while also checking out the healing habits of the Fire Element to support you.

Right after, all of this, I put a ton of my books away, closed up some files on my computer that have been half-heartedly distracting me, and I have left out only my journal. I am going to attempt to stand in the flame. Allowing my heart to move me and speak for my YES and my NO. Even if it doesn’t make sense, I am going to be willing to trust.

The evidence that I have collected in the past from these moments is that everything works out and it’s even better that I could ever plan or expect.

Love, Money, Success how can I not say yes to more of that!

So I invite you do the same, are you noticing this energy in your own life right now? What are you willing to let go? What is your heart calling out to you? I want to hear, leave a comment below.


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