“You Are Loved” Honouring Your Inner Fire

At the top of the circle the Fire Element moves fast, it feels frenetic at times, and if you strongly identify as a Fire, I’m here to help you remember that you’re not crazy.

You are a FIRE, you run hot, you love deeply and fiercely, and you are a natural born star.

You long to feel seen because you’re meant to be at centre stage. Not a fire, the part of you that wants to feel loved, seen and heard is your inner fire wanting to be acknowledged and fulfilled.

It only makes sense that the Core Requirements of the Fire Element are

Love & Affection / Emotional Stability / Happiness / Closeness / Commitment

To give and receive Love & Affection: How or what do you need in order to feel loved. From others? And more importantly from within yourself? What does if feel like when you give love and affection unconditionally? What does it feel like when their are strings attached?

To feel Emotionally Stable: It should come as no surprise that a Fire Element is passionate, They are either burning hot, all in, consumed by their endeavour or fascination or are OUT, turned off and really cold. This can feel unsettling as the cycling from one to another can happen quite quickly or several times in a day even, which is why its so important for a Fire to know which tools or practices of self care can help smooth the transitions or assist them to coming back to their centre.
What provides you emotional stability? What does that mean to you? What practice support you coming back to a slow sustainable burn?

Happiness: Fire types are naturally bubbly warm and the first one to find the silver lining and bright side to any story. With the beam of their smile they create warmth in almost every situation that inspires others to be happy too.
What makes you feel Joy? What brings you happiness? What or who makes you burst out in laughter?

  • If you’re a Fire Dominant or strong Fire Secondary it is wise to notice if its always left up to you to provide the entertainment, or to make everyone else happy pushing you into a performance role that you many not always wish to embody. Grant yourself permission to exit stage left when you feel called to do so.

Closeness: According to family therapist Virginia Satir “We need four hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance. and 12 hugs a day for growth. While other types might be a bit squeamish from this statement. A Fire Type this is truth. Physical connection and closeness are a necessity. Its okay for you to be the hugger in your group of friends or want to hold your partners hand when you walk down the street. Identify the ways in which physical affection are needed in your relationships and ask for them.

How do you prefer to experience closeness with others? How often do you need to feel close to other people? What activities or practices allow you to feel connected and in community with others?

Commitment: Given the hot and cold nature of a Fire Type the fulfilment of Commitment can feel a little elusive at times. Breaking down what commitment means to you can be a helpful exercise to get to the heart of what really is asking for fulfillment here. Opposed to the societal conditioning of what we’ve been taught to believe commitment is and possibly doing some inner work is required to allow ourselves to live in accordance to our own definitions.

What does the word commitment mean to you? What does commitment look like? What does it feel like? What does it look or feel like when others are committing to you? What does it look or feel like when you are committing to yourself?

These are big questions, if you’re a fire type these questions more often than not hit the core of why you seek relationship and support the way that you do consciously or unconsciously. (the same can be said for each Element and their Core Requirements) so I invite you to take your time and not rush through them. To seek love, affection and intimacy are some of the biggest motivations that our psyche longs to figure out. There is no right or wrong answer. Only whats true for you. Some need the big big all consuming love and others don’t. The freedom of these questions is that you get to live by your own definition and rules.

If you’re feeling the need to connect to the Fire Element more intentionally to reveal your own needs to fulfil these requirements I invite you to:

Create a Happy List: Make a list of every type of activity that brings you joy and makes you feel happy. Come up with at least 20 things and keep going if you have more than that. Keep it somewhere that you can see it on a daily basis and choose to schedule at least one thing (more is better) into your day. Weaving happiness, joy and pleasure throughout your day keeps your fire alive allowing for greater sparks of desire to come into your awareness.

Celebration and Connection: Friendship, sisterhood and community are incredibly important for Fire Types. You are a natural connector and collaborator. Embrace this aspect in yourself and make room in your social calendar to engage, play laugh and love. These aren’t frivolous events in your schedule, they are necessary. You need to speak or engage with another human being in a meaningful way every single day.

Self Love: Daily devotions of Love yourself is the truest expression of love that you will be able to feel. These actions strengthen the belief that you are loveable. They will heal your heart in which ever capacity that it needs in that moment. Take the time to delight in the expression of you and take create care in daily acts of kindness to yourself.

Laugh Daily: Laughter is the gateway to experience the highest vibration in the body and will create lasting effects on the body, mind and soul as you relate to the world.

Need a laugh right now. Check this out!

See you soon with some Earth tips.





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