You Are Growing: Empowering your Inner Wood Element

The Wood Element is assertive and powerful. like a tiny sprout, it grows upward to the light, adding branches and leaves, growing stronger by the day until one day its this gorgeous tree that stands upright and solid fully embodied in its truth.

Wood Element types are natural born leaders, they have great vision about where they’re going along with the drive and conviction to get them there. If you have only a little Wood Element showing up in your chart, this energy can feel quite intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You will just navigate the Wood Elements Core Requirements differently than the way a Wood Type does and that is perfectly okay. If you know what and how you can fulfil this energetic and phase of the cycle on your terms, then you too, can access the gifts and potential that this Element can offer you.

The Core Requirements of the Wood Element are

Empowerment / Boundaries / Following Truth / Growth & Development / Having Vision

Much like I invited you to do your own self inquiry with the Water Element, you can do this for these and the rest of the Elements as we explore them in the coming weeks.
Empowerment: What does Empowerment mean to you? What do you require to feel or be Empowered by your definition?

Having Boundaries: What Boundaries are necessary for you to enact to hold true to your goals and vision?

Following Truth: What is your Truth? What does it mean to follow your truth? What is required of you to be able to be or do that?

Growth & Development: What helps you to feel like you are growing, learning, developing into the person that I am meant to be? What practices, tools, or study assist in your evolution to move forward?

Having Vision: What do you see for yourself, your future and your legacy? What is your Vision?

Without vision, a Wood type can feel incredibly lost and uncertain of their future leading them to possibly slip into depression or become incredibly inflexible to new ideas and creativity. If you’re finding yourself in this place, I invite you spend a little time with your dreams, see which ones help lighten your heart and be willing to take the next steady step that shows up to support you.

If any of these questions or requirements feel fuzzy and a little elusive to you, here are a few tools to help engage the Wood Element.

Move some Qi: The Wood Element Type requires adequate movement of their body or they risk getting stagnant and inflexible. Any form of movement works to accomplish this. Choose something that gets your heart rate going, encourages a bit of a sweat and gets your muscles warm and moving. See how you feel afterwards. Because there are so many variables that come into play with exercise and movement its important to honour what your body needs on a daily basis. A Wood type is has a tendency to rely on their athletic tendency and push themselves too far thus inuring themselves.

Vision Boards and Imagination: Wood types are especially receptive to working with their active imagination. Taking the time to pain pictures of your dreams and fantasies is important as it helps to reengage the Wood Element to help guide the mind towards your goals and bigger WHY.

Express you Inner Frustrations: The emotion of the Wood Element is Anger. It is necessary to express your frustrations and let them out in a constructive manner as the inverse of Anger is Power. The you actively engage this emotion you can connect to the strength of your truth to help move your life forward and thwart obstacles to clear a path to your desires.

Delight in the Natural Beauty of Nature: Spring is the Season associated with the Wood Element. Connecting with natures beauty and emergence is necessary for a Wood Type. Allow yourself to be in awe of the life force that surrounds you, feel the breezes of the air, feast your eyes on the colours and movements of the trees. Listen to the birdsong as it soothes your nervous system. A day set aside for observation and the awareness of growth and beauty can help inspire your next course of action and greater vision.

Not a Wood Type, thats okay. As I’ve mentioned before, just because you don’t identify as one Element or another doesn’t mean there isn’t medicine to be had by asking yourself these questions or taking some time to engage with some of the practices that can help cultivate this energy. It may not be top of mind, but these requirements are still seeking fulfillment. Need a refresher on your Alchemy, Take The Quiz.

We are moving onward to the the Fire Element next. If you questions regarding this material or anything else that you’ve been wondering about regarding the 5 Elements, my work or how you and I can co-create just hit reply to this email.





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