You are Enough: Supporting your Inner Earth

Today the invitation is to connect and support your Inner Earth Element. Its interesting though not surprising that todays content has been the hardest for me to write. This is because I’m a dominant Earth and fulfilling the Core Requirements of this energetic are a constant negotiation and to be honest a struggle for me sometimes.

Within these requirements, to feel and be supported, nourished, grounded, have mental clarity, and being understood contains some of my greatest struggles and insecurities.

This can be said for any of the Elements and their core requirements if you happen to connect the dominant energetic in your alchemy. So if you’ve felt as though you encountered the Element that is supposed to feel like your home and centre and instead if felt a bit raw, know that you’re not alone.

It does get easier as the purity and perhaps simplicity of these Core Requirements and what you truly require to fulfill them begins to emerge.

In the beginning I needed a lot of stuff, things, people to help me fulfill each of these and now, as each element as cycled through my awareness over and over again, the clearer I can identify what I actually need, a lot of times found within, over something attained in or by my external circumstance.

Regardless of where you find yourself on this journey, start where you’re at with the answers that surface. There is medicine there for you to experience. This is not a race, there’s no awards for some conditioned “right and perfect” answer.
Trust your answers.

What do you need to be and feel supported?

Every single one of us wants to have someone in our corner, a spouse, partner, friend, someone that can be there for us in both the good times and the not so great. What does that look like? What are you wanting to hear or feel?

What do you need to be and feel nourished?

Before you answer this one, take a breath, no one is going to read your answers. So if you’re inclined to write your healthy eating manifesto here. I encourage you to dig deeper. And if the answer is still celery juice after further inquiry, awesome. But what else? This answer doesn’t even have to be about food. It could be community, sisterhood, connecting to the earth, moving your body in the way that feels good, pleasure to name a few alternatives.

Being Grounded: How do you come back to your centre? What in your life provides that stabilizing energy that helps you to remain grounded amongst the chaos of life’s busyness?

Having Mental Clarity: I have a tendency to live in my head, a million ideas and conversations swirl thru my mind at any given moment, its like having 100 tabs open in chrome where at times I’m a frazzled mess getting nothing done.

I have found in negotiating this requirement in myself that I need to prioritize which of my thoughts need attention while also discerning which ones are just noise. A combination of Meditation, writing down my thoughts often in a brain dump sort of exercise and having a small box filled with recipe cards to jot down notes of inspiration that surface that I’m not able to really commit to at that time has allowed me to gain clarity and hold true to my commitments in a way that I’ve never been able to experience before.

What does having mental clarity mean to you? What does it feel like? What practices or tools help you to experience this feeling more often?

Being Understood: I feel as though this requirement can take many forms, so if there is a particular truth or direction that feels appropriate to you then I encourage you to explore it. You are the authority on you, trust yourself.

What feels true for me, concerns my wanting to be seen and understood as I am. Not the highlight real on social media or how I’ve been conditioned for supplying the right answers so that others will like me. My Earthy tendencies will pull me to want to please others even if its at my own detriment.

So asking myself questions about who am I? Whats important to me? How do I share and articulate this part of myself to those within my circle of influence?

To be understood, helps me to feel as though I am Enough.

What does it mean for you to be understood?

To assist you in supporting your Inner Earth Element I invite you to explore the following healing habits.

Self Care: You can’t give to others what you don’t give to yourself. In order to mother and take care of there and your ideas. It is essential that you make time to take care yourself. Rest, take a bath, walk in nature, spend a few moments in silence journalling in the quiet moments of your house.

Connect with your Element: An Earths constitution holds a profound affinity to the earth that must be nurtured in its own right in order for an Earth Type to feel secure. The very action of putting ones feet or hands working in the dirt, tending to a garden and allow themselves to connect to its potent energy and experience incredible healing.

Earth Meditation: Standing on the earth with your bare feet apart, your legs, slightly bent you can allow the earth energies to enter your body through your feet. The extra connection to the earth which you will gain from this simple stance can be very healing and supportive, enabling you to feel more secure, balanced and centred inside.

Learn the word NO: Use it as a sentence. You don’t need to even provide an explanation. Notice how hard it is for you to let the word hang out there. And then do it again! In my Embodied Alchemy Method group program during the Earth Phase of the program I suggest to many of the participants especially the Earths to say FIVE No’s before One Yes. Its difficult and it makes a lot of people uneasy, but the impact of this one little word has profound impacts to ones life. Exercising your Sacred No, creates the opportunity and room to welcome Soulful Yeses that fill your cup.

If you have time right now, I invite you to go and do one thing for yourself and see how it sets up the rest of your day.

I’ll be back shortly with the final instalment of this series with the Metal Element.


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