Your Body Is Speaking, Are you Listening?


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Your body is speaking to you. With every ache, pull, symptom and sensation. She is asking to be heard so that she may support you on your journey and with your dreams.

She asks you to pay attention and she can direct you to your next step. The best food, the appropriate treatment and care that she and you need, she is reaching out to you to show the way in which she wants to love.

All of this, she will do because she wants to give your heart and mind a place to call home. She wants the same things as you and she is trying to speak up to show you the way.

When’s the last time you listened?

Our bodies are an incredible gift that we as women get to experience.  The way our body works is a complex system that speaks loud and clear if we’re willing to listen.

We even get a monthly report card by way of our period that lets us know exactly what’s been happening the last few months and she gives us feedback and direction on how and what we need to do to support ourselves.

Our body, wants, needs and desires to support our heart and minds dreams, goals and longings, but we have to be willing to listen to what she says.

Growing up, society has taught us that our periods are a pain in the ass, something to dread and something to hide.  It makes me sad to even acknowledge that most women go through life hating their bodies and hating their periods except for when it brings forth life.  The rest of the time we view it as non-essential and an inconvenience.

But what if, our periods and our bodies were celebrated. What if we actually listened and observed what was happening.

When working with my one-on-one clients, at the beginning of our first session, I ask them a lot of questions about their periods.  When all of the questions are written out, it covers 2 pages of the intake process (and not in a large font).  Most of the time, women can’t really answer all of the questions, they just haven’t learned how to pay attention, instead we were told that everything is a variation of normal and its more important to hide, ignore and just get through it.  One week of every month you are just supposed to feel terrible, no big deal.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is a BIG DEAL!  It’s actually a sad state, that one of the most glorious and beautiful experiences of being a women is completely oppressed.

And because of that, we have lost our ability to tap into the innate wisdom that it provides us.

The good news is it’s not that hard to get it back.  After only a few sessions, my one-on-one clients are well versed in the listening and observing so that they may honour their body and how it wishes to support them.  There is no such thing as TMI in my practice.  Every detail is worthy of discussion.

What I love about our body, is that she reflects back to you how she’s been feeling and how you’ve been treating her over the past few months.  Rather than just blame our hormones we actually get to understand and work with them. 

In a natural ovulation cycle and the development of primordial follicles, it take up to 120 days for them to be called, nurtured and eventually recruited for ovulation. 

Up until that time, those follicles have been left untouched, by your emotions, your environment, your food, and your stress levels.  So with each period that you have, it’s like looking back through time. 

LFM Instagram Followlf you track, (I don’t mean temperatures or BBT) but if you note symptoms and your behaviour, (like you were sick with the flu, you had too many glasses of wine one night, you  had a serious migraine for a few days or work deadlines have been crazy a fight with your spouse resulting in a junk-food binge) you can begin to notice how these events are affecting your health.  All of that will show up when your period does. 

Some events have an immediate impact that can be represented in your current cycle and other stresses will show up in a few months time depending on how deep of an impact it had on those developing follicles and eggs.  Its for this reason that I usually ask my clients to have patience when it comes to figuring out and regulating their bodies cycle.  We’re so used to pills that affect us immediately, but true healing and development requires time to cultivate your desired result.

So lets start now,

Breathe into your body and ask her what is she telling you, what does she want you to see.  This may come forward with words or sensations in your body that are bringing your attention to them for the first time.

Is it possible the next time your period shows up that you change your perspective and look at it with complete curiosity.  If you think back on your previous month or months do certain events or thoughts that were occurring, could they be reflecting back at you with this current period?

What is your body telling you?  What does she so desperately want you to know?

In the comments below, I want to hear, what did your bodies wisdom say?  How did she speak up to you today or with your last period?






Photo Credit: Stefan Makwana

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