The Practice ~ 5 Elements to A Soul-Led Business

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The Practice Mentorship is a 5-month transformational journey for Doctors, Therapists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Credentialed Health Practitioners, and Entrepreneurs, who feel called to awaken their intuition and align their Practices & Platforms to their Soul’s highest calling.
This mentorship is here to reignite the spark of why you chose medicine and a life of deep service to another’s heath and wellbeing all those years ago, while simultaneously creating more opportunities for your own expansion and expression to do your work in the world aligned to who you are and in a way that feels good to your soul.
We do this first by connecting you to who you are through the lens of Chinese medicine and your 5 Element Type and constitution (the worlds oldest personality philosophy), and then we do the same with your Practice, business and offerings. Because they hold energy and that energy can either support or inhibit your success depending on its alignment to your very constitution.
Because your practice and your offerings are an extension of you and they must be aligned to your strengths and supportive of your needs in order for them to be fully realized.

Burn out and martyrdom are no longer badges that health professionals need to wear in order to do amazing work in the world.

Which why we go back to the Doctor and who you are as an individual, because no person or practitioner is the same, each of us has particular requirements to feel whole and activated within our lives and the work that we do.
So why would we all expect to experience fulfillment and support in a single model of practice?!
Its just not possible. Yes some flourish, but the truth is that our communities require that we all are fully engaged and fulfilled in both our personal and professional lives, and this mentorship is here to do just that.
Together, We will deep dive into creating alignment with your Soul’s highest calling, to be a vessel for the Divine, and to embody the courageous changes that you have been initiated into, especially when they are outside the norms of whats expected of you in your field of expertise.
Each session is a sacred container to connect directly with your Element type and inner wisdom. We will traverse the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms to unravel the layers of past identities, thoughts, beliefs and oppressions that have dictated your life and practice as you know them up to this point.
Committing to the path of your Soul is not for the faint of heart. This program encourages feeling it all to embody your True Self from the inside out. The Embodied Practice Mentorship honours your process – the good, bad, and ugly, as equally sacred keys to Divine Transformation.
Over five months, you will experience the steady steps of alchemy through the cycling of the 5 elements and their guidance while receiving assignments from them every session. You are encouraged to follow this guidance, and notice what unfolds in your life & work as a result (spoiler alert: it’s magical).
Every session focuses on your Elemental make up and its relationship to your goals & desires, and over the course of our time together, you will develop conscious relationships with each of the elements as they manifest themselves within you,
Internally: in the way your body and mind work (your health, the way you make decisions thru to your core values),
Externally: in the ways that the elements influence you in nature (the changing of the seasons, monthly moon cycles, etc.)
Spiritually: as each Element encompasses themes and archetypes to cultivate free flowing movement and evolution to your Souls liberation
Professionally: in the ways in which these energies are reflected in both your efforts and successes
Combined together they conspire to hold space for your inherent wisdom and Souls purpose to rise to the surface and be enacted along with the steady steps to make them outwards manifestations with real world results.
I draw upon my expertise as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements alchemy, combined with an in-depth understanding of western medicine and modern psychology, herbalism, clairvoyance, energy healing and my experience as a health care practitioner that has walked this path, creating a practice and platform thats aligned and supportive to my own souls expression to curate a deeply sacred, transformational and encouraging environment to support you in fully embracing your purpose.

The Practice ~ 5 Elements to A Soul-Led Business Mentorship Includes

1 – Three Hour Intensive to map out your Elemental Typing chart for both yourself and your Practice, We also delve into the sparks of desire that you wish to manifest into reality over the course of our time together. ($1500 value)
10 x 75 min Private Sessions with Ashley over the course of 5 months (2 sessions per month) ($5000 value)
Email support & Weekly Check-ins throughout the duration of our time together to ground and hold you accountable to this path and your goals. ($2500 value)
1 Month Email Support and check ins after our mentorship is complete for a smooth transition into your next steps. ($1000 value)
Regular 5 Element Assignments to integrate embodiment for both yourself and your business in-between sessions
Personalized Daily Practices for increasing intuition, healing and real-world success
Powerful Meditations that connect you to the elements & your inner knowing
Access to Ashley’s Online courses & content ($440 value)
Receive Ashley’s curated 5 Element Guidebook to strengthen the embodiment of who you are & why you are the way you are.
Investment: $7500
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This Mentorship is right for you if:

  • You have been overwhelmed by strategy on marketing and practice building and have yet to enact a way of doing that feels good to you.
  •  You’re burnt-out and know that in order to continue practicing medicine the way in which you do it needs to be more supportive to you and your personal needs.
  • You’re frustrated with systems that continually inhibit you from feeling as though you are making a difference in your patients lives.
  • You are willing to drop the titles and the white jackets and be vulnerable to what you need and want in both life and your work.
  • You long to connect and trust your intuition as a tool to assist you in the treatment room with patients and in your personal life.
  • You’re ready to let go of the dogma and unaligned structures of the “way medicine is meant to be done” and allow for “your way” to be activated and manifested within your practice.
  • You want aligned platforms that help support not distract from your work and impact.
  • You long be a living example of someone that lives a life of profound Impact & Legacy.
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My support and resources are highly individualized dependant on your 5 Element Alchemy and your specific goals, however there are some basic core requirements that we will address as we work together.  These include but aren’t limited to:

Foundations: Your Alchemy

• Discover your 5 Element Type, the world’s oldest personality philosophy.
• Understand each of the 5 elements and how they’re manifesting within you.
• Understand your Practice and its functionality as well as its sustainability as it relates to your 5 Element Type.
• Identify the areas of your life and practice as well as the core requirements that each element governs and understand why you may get stuck where you do, as well as where it’s relatively easy for you to flourish.
• Reignite the spark for why you choose to practice medicine. Where is your heart leading you?

Earth Phase: Worthiness and Self-Care

• Find your centre in the whirlwind of life’s busyness.
• Cultivate a grounded experience within the Earths Energies, and how they may support you on your path to wholeness and success.
• Nourishment and Support: creating balance to how you give and receive
• Set intentions to allow your heart’s desire to be heard.
• Discover how self-care and boundaries are the keys to affirming your Self Worth and feeling supported.

Metal Phase: Refine & Surrender

• Cultivate a relationship with the Metal Energy, its structure and artistry.
• Discover or Refine your “Why” and align your marketing, niching and Ideal Patients accordingly.
• Foster sacred space and ritual to surrender systemic dogma and out-dated patterns of belief for both yourself and your practice.
• Prioritize your relationships and where you spend your energy.
• Discover where perfection and comparison are sabotaging your efforts and greater legacy.

Water Phase: Alignment & The Big Picture

• Embody a deep relationship with the Water Energy and its ability to reach the depths of your soul.
• Make way for magic where the Divine and your spirit, heart and soul meet to align with your life’s purpose.
• Aligning your Practice & Platforms with your Inner Alchemy, Priorities and Core Values.

Wood Phase: Empowered Strategy & Action

• Harmonize your Wood Energy so that your ambition aligns with your truth.
• Implement soulful strategy and planning to create actionable direction to fulfill your vision.
• Align your outward expressions for marketing, networking and patient outreach with your intuition and 5 Element alchemies requirements.

Fire Phase: Connection & Legacy

• Harness your Inner Fire and its ability to inspire and connect.
• Establish healthy boundaries that allow you to care more not less.
• Experience play and celebration in your daily life.
• Connect to spirit and the greater legacy that your service impacts the wide world and then share it.

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