4 Questions You Must Answer First Before You Set Your Goals for Next Year


AHH! how did it come to be the end of the year?

Every where you look people are talking about goal setting, discovering their “Word” for the year. Mine’s “EASE” by the way. But still, how are we here again already!?

So accepting that we’re doing this. Before you set another goal or resolution or un-resolution if you’re trying reverse psychology a change for yourself. I have an exercise for you.

Because truth be told this isn’t really the time of year for huge action. We’re transitioning from the Metal to the Water Element which means it’s actually the time of year to be seeking alignment.

From alignment vision and empowered action come naturally, so if you were willing to do your goal setting a little differently at this time of year, you might actually achieve what you set out do.

If you’ve been feeling into the Seasons energies:

You likely have felt the pull to make some shifts.

The urge to create new Intentions for what you want your life to look like

Your compelled to let go of patterns or things that you no longer need.

And ultimately seek create more alignment.

Because that’s what goals really are, to realize a result whether internally or externally that reflects back to you the person you feel you authentically are.

So knowing this, I invite you to get your journal out, carve some time out in your schedule and connect to the Metal Energy as it gives you these final moments to alchemize and realize your greatest potential.

Metal Step 1: Clarify Your Purpose

Write your intention, goal or action that you want to start doing in 2017.

Then ask yourself why, what do you gain from changing your diet, going to the gym, establishing a morning routine or spending less time on Facebook.

How does its purpose serve you?

Hopefully you already have lots of answers coming to you, and if that’s the case that’s awesome because this is the easy part of this exercise.

If the purpose isn’t coming to you, then perhaps the change you think you want to make isn’t the real one you desire. Reflect and evaluate whether you’re choosing something because you think you should or it’s someones else vision for you. Find yours and what is right for you it’s the only way to make lasting change

Metal Step 2: Acknowledge and Attach Feelings

The patterns of the past supported you, you got something from them or you wouldn’t be where you’re at or perhaps still doing them.

Connect to the Feeling you are getting from your current pattern that you’re wanting to swap and find it in the new one.

Here is where the alchemy occurs, we’re melting down the Metal out of its current shape and old and turning it into something that is what you desire, want or have a better use for.

Here are some examples: An emotional attachment to food helped you feel busy, grounded, cozy. Checking Facebook all day at your desktop and phone allowed you to feel connected.

Fill in the blanks My Old Pattern of ______________ made me feel ___________________.

Now, its probably safe to say that you will be looking to feel those same feelings in the future.

So its best to know that now and find them in your new patterns and actions.

Will going to the gym after work make you feel as Free as your 3PM piece of chocolate? Yes, PERFECT! No, If it’s not the gym then what will something more intimate like a Barre Class or is there something else in your day that can still make you feel Free?

I want to Feel _________________ when I’m Doing ____________________.

If we don’t look at aligning the feelings then more than likely we find ourselves back on your couch in a few weeks and wishing we weren’t shelling out 100 bucks a month on that membership you never use. And if your anything like me you’ll be eating twice as much chocolate.

Alright, now our feelings are aligned. Now its time to grieve.

Metal Step 3: Saying Goodbye to the Past

Yep you read that right, we have to actually take some time to grieve what were giving up. One of the most undervalued aspects of the Metal Element is to honour that it represents the dying process. When it comes to goal setting me must honour the dying or falling away of the old to make room for the new.

It may sound ridiculous, but you might have to have a little cry about giving up your time on the couch or cheeseburgers. What ever is on your list of change give it some attention.

Nothing is too small, I encourage to get really specific and really real about this part.

I implore you to not skip this step even though you will want to.

And finally,


Metal Step 4: Gratitude

Every event, choice and decision has lead you to this very moment and it is a gift. It served you in one way or another. Even the terrible stuff, it made you who you are. To disregard the journey and your path is a disservice to you and your soul. Give yourself a hug and say thank you.

You can repeat this exercise as many times as you need to along the way, notice when it gets tough. Rather than barrel through with all the will that you can muster to keep going drop back and take some time to reflect and let go of it all again. Any aspect of life that is falling away is hard and its not always done in one moment. Allow the transition to take the time it needs, it may just be the way to authentically walk into your new way of life.

In the comments below I would love to hear what you realized or was revealed during this exercise.





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