A State of Grace and Chaos


Fire has found its home here in the northern hemisphere and with it this opportunity to acknowledge and give space to hold endings, beginnings and everything in between.

Allowing one to celebrate both the big and beautiful arrival of your desire manifested out in the world to be visible for all to see, and also, allow new sparks to arise that pull at our heart strings to begin a fresh cycle of manifestation and see where they fly.
But its not all endings and beginnings that require celebration here.

There’s also all of the things that you’re doing that still feel really raw, chaotic and not quite ready. Still riding the ebb and flow of creation and destruction until it finds its alignment and divine timing. Those things…the ones that are still for your eyes only. They get to be celebrated too.

You can hold space for and celebrate both the grace and the chaos, at the same time.
We are pitched this idea that everything in our life cycles together, where one day we get to have this huge party proclaiming that we did it! We finally got all of our shit together and can finally celebrate. No more work here. I’m enlightened, rich, skinny, living my dream life all in one big swoop. LETS PARTY!

But it doesn’t work like that,

The fact is, we have multiple cycles generating at different speeds of flow and direction all occurring at the same time. At the time that you’re celebrating your job, or having your art sold and noticed, you might be really in the throws of chaos with regard to your marriage, or health, or something else, having everything turned upside down in one area of your life, and all you can do is put one foot in front of the other.

This is cause for celebration or at the very least an acknowledgement that you’re doing enough. That you are enough!

It doesn’t negate the blossoming of one are of your life nor does it prevent you from beginning something new, it just is. And it to will find its way to blossom when its time.

And that my love, is the true state of grace.

With that I ask you, What do you want to celebrate? What has completed its cycle? What is beginning? And What are you currently holding space for as you ready yourself for your next steady step? Can you celebrate that too? Please feel free to share it with me, by Replying to this note.



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