Three Little Words That Can Change Everything.


There are parts of my work that I love. Like touching a needle, connecting with my clients, writing.  They bring me home. 

There are parts of my work that I hate.  Selling, Marketing, my new found one Facebook ads. 

I don’t care how many times I hear selling is serving, I want to punch the person telling me this in the face.  I don’t have hang ups about doing good work and lets be honest making a living from it.  But the actual mechanics of all of that stuff makes my head spin and makes my heart uneasy.

I feel dizzy and anxious and my mind is consumed with a million, all to familiar questions like.

Will you like me?  Am I enough?  Is what I did good enough?

And what’s interesting is that all of this is happening now, as the Metal Element is starting to settle in and guide us through the next few months. 

Because here in Metal is where we’re confronted with our shadow.  The beliefs and the story that we play out over and over again.  The “I’m not good enough”, “someone does it better than me”, or  “nobody cares”.    

And then you’re swayed with these ideals of perfection that only make you dig in deeper to a narrow minded way that your current problem can be resolved.  Quite often with you doing all the work because only then can you prove that you are worthy of any kind of acknowledgement or job well done.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business, the way you parent, or clean your house.  We’re all constantly trying to drown out the feelings with doing something, on our own and better than everyone else we know. 

But it doesn’t work that way.  We don’t reveal our Self Worth thru what we do or how we do it. 

Self Worth is confirmed through the practices and fulfillment of our Earth Element.  The Element that comes before Metal.  It’s born out of practices of Self Love, Sacred Adornment and by being and feeling Supported.

Asking for help is one of the fastest ways to nurture your Self Worth.  Even if it feels completely contradictory to what your brain is telling you right now.  Asking for help is also the fastest way to allowing Metal to reveal it’s softer side, it’s ability to be incredibly creative and artistic over rigid and set in its ways. 


“I need Help,” opens doors. 

For me right now it’s in my business. 

For another, it’s looking to a spouse to pick up some of the slack.

Or a conversation with your health care provider for different options regarding your health.

We all need support every now and then, and now part of life is off limits when it comes to receiving support.  And asking for it, is one of the most powerful actions of Self’Love that we can give to ourselves. 

When I asked for help the other day, it was if there was a load of bricks were taken off my shoulders and a calmness that returned to my heart.

There is no shame. 

Only Love, Surrendering and Serenity.



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