You Are Safe: Honouring Your Inner Water Element


Whether you identify with having a lot of Water in your chart or very little, the Water Element is still there to help guide and support you in allowing your life and greater vision to evolve.

Within each element there are a set of core requirements that are seeking to be fulfilled. We do this consciously or subconsciously through our choices and actions in order to seek wholeness of the cycle so that we may move into the next phase and also within ourselves to become steady and trusting of our path and inner wisdom to lead us to our next steady step.

In those moments of uncertainty, second guessing your intuition or looking to the next book or guru to endow you with the answers to your questions. And finding yourself only further frustrated that you still feel like somethings missing after binging every self help book and listening to hours of video by your favourite speakers. When the high of the inspiration dissipates the answer isn’t more ideas and tools.

Everything you need is within your Core Requirements.

If there was a check list of what a Water Element needs these would be it.

To Feel Safe

To Have Security

To Be Able To Mediate Risks

To Be Authentic

To Feel Free

There are a million and one ways that these can be fulfilled. Which is why you will never find all of your answers in a book or from someone else. Perhaps some direction to help to help guide you in discovering your own definitions, but ultimately the answer to these requirements lies within you. As they do for each element.

So what do you need to feel safe? What does security mean to you and what does look like? What information do you require in order to be able to mediate risks and leap into the unknown or towards your greater vision? What does authenticity mean to you? How do you show up as yourself in everything that you do? What makes feel free?

When I ask you these questions, I want to be clear that its important to be able to answer these questions in your current circumstance.

Sure freedom and security look a whole lot different when you have an multi million dollar empire and get to jet set off to fabulous vacations whenever you want.
But how do those requirements get fulfilled now?

What resistance shows up for you? Are there conversations that you need to have within your family or circle of influence? What choices or changes are being asked of you to ensure that these requirements can be met?

The answer to these questions are you’re next steady steps, and as you do them, your world will shift, so will your outlook and your belief that you’re ready to up level into the next stage of your dream, fully embodied as YOU.

As I mentioned each element has a different set of requirements, depending on your unique Element Alchemy some requirements are easier to fulfill than others. The more prevalent an Element is in your chart the more often you will be negotiating and reassessing how these requirements are being fulfilled.

If you would like to cultivate more time to cultivate your Water Element to get to the heart of these questions. Here are a few supportive tools and practices that can support you and your Inner Water.

Spend time with Water: Allow water to be your teacher, notice how water flows in oceans, rivers, pods and streams. Drink plenty of water. Keep a bowl of water filled with flowers or special stones by your desk or bedside.

Make friends with your fear. What we resists persists. Its important to acknowledge your fears rather than trying to ignore them. Get familiar with them, sit in meditation, Choose small practices or activities that allow you to develop trust are the people or situations that you find fearful.

Shake: When a person experiences extreme shock or fear they will begin to shake. This is the bodies instinctual way of dispelling the situation or experience out of the body in order to protect the organs such as the adrenals or kidneys. One can shake as a practice to access the fear that they have internalized their lifetime to dispel and release their attachments in the mental, physical and emotional realms.

Meditation and Stillness: Most Water Elements require a lot of time and space to be by themselves. Its important to devote time for you to sit in stillness each day. To quiet the mind, subdue the ego and allow the lower light to shine forth.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you each Individual Element and their requirements along with supportive tools to help guide you to cultivate deeper relationship with each Element and the ways that they can support you to create evidence to trust your intuition, you already possess the answers you seek.

Because if you’ve forgotten, I’m here to help you remember,

You are Whole, You Are Worthy, You Are Enough





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