Essence Over Expectation

In the natural evolution of creativity and dream making you follow the initial inspiration, that first spark of a desire and then it makes it way to be integrated within the body.

If you have been able to set intentions around this inspiration and desire I commend you in getting this far. What I mean by that is that you actually received the inspiration and have begin to bring it out of the head and down into the body, onto paper, shared it with another person, sung it into the world in one way or another. Haven’t yet? Not to worry theres still time.

Do it now. What do you desire? What are you wanting to create or make happen in this current growing season?

Now, you’re ready for the next phase, Metal, and as you enter this next part of the process, I encourage you to release your expectation of what your desire is to look or end up like when you come out on the other side.

The initial inspiration, even if it showed you the whole way through to its completion, was and is only one reality of your desires expression and I invite you to be open to other potentials.

If you feel a really strong rebellion to my suggestion, have the feelings. Let them out, and then come back.

Because here is what happens when we enter the underbelly of the cycle. We don’t get to control what happens next because we’re not meant to. It s a dark chaos that occurs in the unseen. Much like a baby in a mothers womb, we can sometimes grab a sneak peek into whats happening in there, but we don’t get to witness or control the whole miracle as its happening and thats kind of the point. That little person has it’s own dharma and expression that may or may not fully represent the picture you had in mind, and the same goes for your desires.

Within the phase of metal, its important to surrender the ideals, the plan, the way in which things have always been done, the expectation that you can control every single aspect of how it will grow, and even if you could will it in the way that you think it should be, you’ll be missing the point and the true magic that Metal and later Water have in store for you.

In this moment, the essence of what you desire is what’s most important. Its the frequency that you’re to follow as the next steady step or steps are revealed, providing the direction that is best aligned for you in that moment. Its quite often that we only get small glimpses or visions of where we’re going when we’re in this phase.

It can be a bit disorienting and confusing at this point and you may be screaming to have all the answers and the full plan in place from bringing to end to know that all of this is worth the effort. I get it and I’m with you, but I encourage you to stay here in this place a little longer.

Your brain and the control freak will be trying to step in for you with strategy and willed directions to get out of feeling what’s being presented in this moment. How do you know if its aligned or distraction? If the strategy holds harsh rigidities, requires perfection in your execution and puts you in a position to believe its all or nothing. Let this be a signal for your alarms to be ringing, this isn’t the way that creation and desire making is meant to be. Resist the urge to jump on the train and white knuckle your way to completion. There is a better way, even if it feels a little less direct.

Here’s why. Your desire, dream, inspiration is more of a catalyst than a fixed destination. Its the match that lights the spark that is propelling you into your next evolution of existence. It is holding a frequency that you are meant to embody. It’s opening you up for MORE.

As you come out on the other side, you may be a different person, your life might look or feel different to what you are currently experiencing. And its through the journey of experiencing the full growing cycle that you get there.

Holding true to one expectation and possibility is only holding your experience and truest potential hostage.

You’re meant to grow, evolve and soar, allow yourself the opportunity to step out of the box in how its always been done and do things differently.

Hold on to the essence of your desire, release your expectations and connect to your purpose and greater WHY.

Your “Why” will hold the light through the dark and twisty bits and bring you out on the other side, and then almost seamlessly your plans and strategy will fall into place with ease and grace, the next steps falling at your feet allowing for a full out run of joy and exuberance to the finish line.

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