Essential Oils, Alignment and Offerings

In the late Autumn, I eluded to the fact that I was experimenting with Essential Oils and becoming an advocate of doTERRA.

I was studying them, taking some courses, using them personally in my home and with my family and then slowly introducing them to my patients when I felt confident to do so.
I’ll be honest, for years oils have been calling my name and I flat out ignored them. I just felt they were too out there, and I would roll my eyes every time some one would mention them, but then I heard my 5 Element mentor speak about them and how they can transform trauma, and help the brain integrate new belief patterns among other really quite remarkable things, that I started to take notice.

So I began to build a personal relationship with them. I didn’t share much on any of it and what I was doing because I felt very protective of the way that I wanted to work with them, or how I wished to invite others in to possibly develop another stream of income in my practice.

Months later, having built a foundation of support and knowledge about their use, I feel ready to really share what I’ve learned and offer an invitation to you if you have felt called to bring oils into your life, your business and for those of you that are health practitioners your practice.

I spent a long time investigating the type of team and leadership that I wanted to align myself with and I found that with Melissa Ambrosini, if that name rings a bell She’s the creator and author of Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl and most recently Open Wide. I actually kept her tab open for about 4 months before I pulled the trigger.

What I liked was that her and her husband Nick Broadhurst, created the most beautiful platform of support and basically reversed engineered their friends Tara Bliss’ 7 Figure Essential Oils Business to create The Path To Freedom. Providing just about everything that you need to feel empowered to invite Essential Oils into your life as well as the steps to build a business with them if you choose, with out pressure, or posturing. If you decide to jump in right from their site you will need my number 5169505

I actually had a private conversation with Nick and he told me to decide what I wanted out of all of this and then trust that it would happen and the aligned steps to make it happen would present themselves.

From that I could feel this really grounded breath come through and I knew I had made the right decision for me.

So I got to work. I decided to learn about the Oils in a language that I understood, Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements, and from there each oil has really brought forth its magic and intention. While also presenting me the reverence that they required by showing me how to use and respect their potency.

Essential Oils like anything else are medicine and they have contraindications and safe uses just as any herb, food or drug. And once I had that information, I really found an empowered creativity come forward to create blends for myself and my patients. I get to really play and have some fun.

I have to tell you its been absolutely incredible.

What I have also loved by taking my time getting to be in relationship with each of these oils and this business, is that I have found a way for me to be in alignment with the ways that I can share this with you and my practice while being in integrity and respect my scope of practice.

Which is why I’ve created this FREE GUIDE for you. 14 Essential Oils for Emotional Wellbeing with TCM and 5 Element Therapeutics, Safe Uses & Suggested Blends. You can download your copy HERE

And if you feel called to explore the opportunities that are available with doTERRA, either by buying an Oil here or there that speaks you or possibly pursuing something more and working with me directly to find your own path to freedom, click here

Or better yet, Contact Me and we can set up a time to answer your questons and discuss your motivations and what is the most aligned way for you to invite these tiny bottles of amazingness into your life.





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