Harness Wood Elements Genius for Productivity & Momentum

One steady step and then another.

Wood energy is all about the doing. It has vision, direction, forward action but its easy to get ahead of yourself and get tripped up, slowing down the whole process.

When the big picture is beckoning its easy to overwhelmed with “ALL OF THE THINGS”

Work on the website,
Get the clients,
Make the Money
Hold the confidence that you can do all of this and more!!

Of course its not always about Work, but Work things such as money, leadership, power, and everything lifestyle & livelihood are governed by the wood energy so for simplicity sake we’ll focus here.

So you set out to “Work On The Website” and then nothing..

Everything comes to a crushing halt and you become easily paralyzed, you start waking up at 3Am in a panic and the tasks keep coming and none of them are getting taken care of.

You may even look busy, but its more of a move one pile of papers over to another stack than actual execution and completion.

Big Pictures and Visioning are awesome and necessary for the empowerment of the Wood Element to step up, but the skill set of wood is actually about breaking the big stuff down and for getting really clear on each small minuet step and then one by one tackling them or better yet delegating some or all of them to someone else. Don’t forget about Wood’s ability to Lead.

Step one: Acknowledging your zone of genius and whats not is key here. If you can afford or have the resource to outsource some of the things on your list then do that. If you can’t, thats okay too, just lengthen the deadline, and release the expectation on yourself so that you have the time to figure each step out.

Step two: Break it down. When work on the website is holding space in your agenda, Its not going to happen!

But write your about me copy,
Decide which photos you need for your offering page
Research and decide on ideal opt-in
Write the option
Format the option

You get my point.

When the bigger whole is broken down into what the work that needs to be done actually is, its way easier for you to get going, be more productive and actually see your bigger vision take shape.

This is the magic of what the Wood Element offers you once you can get clear, because the seedling doesn’t become the grand oak over night.

No, it starts with 2 little leaves then it gets a little taller and the stem gets a little thicker and then 2 leaves become 4 and then taller thicker, denser, eventually that tender step starts to resemble bark and those initial leaves start to become branches which bud its own leaves. With each inch that it grows the area gains more evidence and confidence that its going to be that tall oak that is awe-inspiring.

Your dreams and visions become what they are in the same way. They take root and make it to the light with every task that you complete and the confidence and drive showing up to support you and your goals getting stronger with each moment that you continue to show up for yourself.

So break it down.

Ask yourself, what have you made too big or too much that is just overwhelming you and preventing you from proceeding? Can you break it down into smaller steps that feel easy and manageable?

This process can be made easy? Invite the ease?

Momentum is a given. Continue to break it down and before you know it you’ll be ready for the next steady step that brings you closer to your intended vision.

You Got This!



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