Feeding The Fire, Emerging From The Ash

Feeding the Fire and Rising From the Ash

So you might of noticed, maybe not…. I haven’t truly blogged in two weeks. Truthfully I haven’t been able to write a single thing in the Month of August.

I tried.

Really hard……

But it wouldn’t flow. I have a series of half written blog topics, and entries for a book I wanted to write but a few paragraphs into each of them, they fell apart. Actually they were just really crappy and I didn’t want to bother you with them.

I had huge plans for the Fire Element to help you get the most out of this phase in the season, but it didn’t happen. For a short period of time I beat myself up about this. “Why can’t I write” “What’s wrong with me” I lost every ounce of creativity and skill that I thought I had.

And then I remembered.

I didn’t blog at all last year at this time either. I was in the middle of questioning every value and goal I had ever set for myself. In clinic, I get to witness a lot of Shit hitting the fan so to speak in my clients lives at this time of year and I’m trying facilitate them in not setting too many intentions just yet. Urging them to wait just a few weeks and then it will make more sense.

The climax of the Fire Element, which in the northern hemisphere happens in August is not about getting things done. It’s too HOT! This is partly the temperatures outside but also the internal flame that is asking to be fed. Our only job at this time is to feed it, and allow for the surrender of the spirit and the soul to let it burn.

Burning away everything that isn’t you, anything that you were, the obligations, the attachments, expectations, ALL OF IT! Allow the Fire to consume you, feel the internal flame reach its highest most hungriest peak all the way through to the moment when it burns itself out.

Then, from the ashes the phoenix rises, and new intentions, directions and sense of self will emerge. From this place we can put pen to paper and carry on.

So I gave in. I didn’t write. A small part of me is apologetic that I couldn’t guide you through this time as it was happening, but now I can see the energy more clearly. (August either needs to be planned in May…or…It’s a holiday, we’ll just have to wait and see)

So Instead, I went on retreat and danced my heart out. The whole week was a pilgrimage back to my soul that closed out with a huge bonfire. In that moment I let myself let go of everything. Where my career is going, everything and anything that is required in my relationships, letting go of the other baby that will never be.

And then I celebrated everything that I have.

A job that is crazy fulfilling, AMAZING CLIENTS that I could actually see as close girlfriends (a secret wish), the development of ritual and sacredness that helps guide me to new directions and deeper connection, a husband that I whole-heartedly know was meant for me and only me…and Little E. I mean seriously is there a cuter kid, (though I could do without the “WHY” stage that we are currently in ~ how long does it last?)

So with that, I invite you to give into the Fire this long weekend as we say good-bye to summer. We are still in the Fire Element though it’s starting to transition to Metal with the assistance of Earth, but her pulse is still very much alive.


Steps For Feeding Your Fire

Spend a little time getting into your body, Dance, Shake, Breathe what ever feels right in this moment.

Ask yourself, what do you need to let go of? What parts of yourself can or are you willing to offer to the fire?

(The next part can look a couple of ways)

You can write it all down on a piece of paper


breathe them into object that you can offer the fire. (this one works best if you have an actual fire to feed it to)

Light a fire and sit with the flames, feel it take you in inviting you to let go. Feed your list or object to the fire and allow the fire to nourish you.

Can’t light a fire, take your list and burn it. SAFELY!!!!!

You can sit with this energy for as long as you need to. Usually there will be a place in your body that internally will let you know when you’ve allowed her to burn out.

When I did this, a peace came over my entire body, a wisdom came forward that felt like it could hold me, all of me. I felt whole.

In the comments I would love to hear your plans to feeding your fire, and if you’ve already done this, what came thru?






photo credit Stefan Makwana @stefanmakwana.com

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