Getting Real With Where You Are Isn’t Admitting Defeat….It’s Actually The Opposite

I’m preparing for the Water Element. We’ve had the first real skiffs of winter finally arrive here in Calgary and I can feel the shift.

Time is stretching and I desire to immerse myself in the darkness and chaos.

With the holidays approaching there is a tendency to skip over this intuition and stay up and busy.

But my heart and soul ache to go under and get my feet wet.

With Water being one of my more dominant Elements in my Alchemy, I can’t fight it without paying the price. Plus, it’s the time of year when I do my best work. I can write more easily, I have stronger hits of inspiration that often come more fully formed, and if I’m patient enough magic can happen.

But before we can do that, we must bring closure to Metal.

And the easiest way to do that is by coming to peace with where we are. Right now. Not when we’re more successful, thinner, richer, under less stress, or when your little ones are older. Right now as you are.

When we can set aside our preconceived ideas and motivations of whats to come and be really present to the current pulse of our life, then and only then do the answers begin to reveal themselves.

The Earth, Metal and Water Elements are the practice, the practice of our rituals, our connection to our soul, our willingness to be in this life as we are in this moment. Wood and Fire are the experience. The upper energetics can’t help but happen, it’s the evolution of the circle. Yin turns to Yang. In Chinese Medicine diagnosis the eventual answer to any syndrome is that if its left long enough untreated it will always turn to heat. So in it’s purest essence you will get to where you’re going.

But the experience is reliant on the gems that we uncover. If you’ve ever heard someone talk about their struggles in relationship to where they are now. They usually have this profound appreciation that often follows with them saying “I’m so glad it didn’t happen sooner, at the time I didn’t understand why it was so hard, or took so long” but in the end, their time in the chaos, in the dark, in the unknowing is what brought about immense shifts in their life and an appreciation for the journey.

Where their experience and manifestation of what they got in comparison to what they wanted is a million times better.

So a question I’m asking myself right now that i invite you to ask yourself as well…..

What are you currently striving for that isn’t in alignment with your current life circumstance?

wholeandfreeThis question isn’t meant to admit defeat and not pursue your dreams and desires.

This question is to knock the preconceived ideas on how it’s all supposed to happen according to some likely ridiculous plan that is driving the ship and is likely taking you further from it.

Within the Metal element we can melt down and refine our beliefs, perceptions and ways of doing something. There is immense creativity available to us to create a new way. Create a new box, a new plan or just ride the wave as it comes.

Perhaps striving and obligation aren’t necessary parts of the equation to getting what you want.

Maybe part of it is a greater appreciation for what you currently have that provides the necessary foundations for you to step up from.

Just a thought…

I would love to know what you think by leaving your comments below.





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