The Impact and Legacy of Your Wholeness


This week has been rocky for a lot of people that I know and it was this way for me too. I’ve curated a bubble of positivity and light in my life, on my newsfeed, and Tuesday night felt like a giant pin came and popped it.

After much reflection, grief and tears, I came back to a truth that I’ve known for a long time. If we wish to “be the change,” we first have to feel whole.

We have to fill ourselves up from the inside out and reconcile all the places where we get hit with the “what about me’s” or “am I enough” or living and loving from a place of conditional motivations. I will give you this of mine if I get something in return.

While these parts of ourselves are not always the most comfortable to deal with or even look at, it is in the intention to shine a light on these fragments of ourselves that we come back to ourselves and feel whole.

For a second I invite you to take a breath and contemplate what you would do if you didn’t have to worry about being enough.

Smart Enough, thin enough, rich enough, articulate enough, having enough, and the one that wraps it up in a big thing bow, PERFECT ENOUGH!

What would you spend your time thinking about or doing if you weren’t concerned about what it looked like to others?

I’m asking you these questions because each and everyone of us spends a crazy amount of time thinking about this stuff, and if we could even liberate ourselves from 10% of it we have so much time on our hands to do a lot of good in the world, and probably feel 100% better about ourselves making way to clearing out even more.

Which then creates room for us to get in touch with our desires and have the mental and physical capacity to pursue them.

Which in turn further consolidates the feeling that we are whole.

Because this is what I know to be true. Our ability to reclaim our wholeness fuels our desires and our willingness to go after our desires confirms our wholeness.

and when you feel whole you love from a deeper centre. The love that comes from this place is unconditional and has no end. It ripples out beyond your knowing or intention and creates a profound impact and legacy in your life, in the lives of the people that you love and every person that you feel called to serve and it actually goes even further than that.

When you feel whole, you feel free. And when you feel free anything is possible, and you then find yourself in a place where amazing thing start to open up and your impact & love ripples out much further than you know or intended.

The Dalai Lama has said that ”the western women will heal the world”

and this is only made possible when we feel whole.

Now, I want to be clear about something here. For some of us, being a change maker and healing the world by reaching a lot of people is something that you feel called to do.

But that’s not everyones calling and just because its not all public and shiny doesn’t make it any less significant. For others your waves of love and service occur through teaching and inspiring your children, creating initiatives in your church and communities. Being a listener, and creating space for those that you love to feel and do their own inner work. This calling is just as important and worthy of an aspiration as another wishing to write a book and serve the masses.

Your ripple effect may be in how your sons and daughters will love and serve. In the way that they will open their hearts to suffering, stand up to injustice, and caretake this earth long after we’re gone. That is by no means an insignificant calling.

It doesn’t really matter what our Love and Legacy is, it your own, it’s unique to you, and your calling to Love and serve will show up in it’s own way and leave its imprint on everyone that you touch.

What’s most important at this time in our lives and current world, is that we listen for it, follow it to wherever it leads and do the necessary inner work so that we may do it wholeheartedly.

stepeam Because, when we’ve done the inner work to reconcile the places within where we are asking ourselves “what’s wrong with me” “what about me” and find resolution within our relationships between ourselves and the people most important to us and when we are able to know and articulate our needs so that we may feel heard and then in turn listen….

Our Love is liberated.

Our service is unmotivated and pure.

And our impact and legacy are far reaching.

And that is how we change the world.

If your ready to embrace your wholeness, and potentially know yourself more deeply and possibly in a way that you have never been able to do before now, AND, If you are being called to go after your dreams and desires while created a life of profound impact.

Then I invite you join me in the Embodied Alchemy Method and begin the steady steps to making it happen and being change that you wish to see in the world.

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