Six Ways To Support Your Inner Wood Element


Spring has Sprung!

Even if the weather around you looks very much like Winter is here to stay forever, the Energies of Spring and the Wood Element have arrived and are starting to dictate your next directions.

Depending on your Individual Alchemy this transition may be an easy one where you’re already 10 steps ahead or maybe you’re like me where this can be a challenging time. I have next to ZERO Wood Element in my chart and I struggle with some of the qualities that emerge during this time.

To ease this resistance within, I connect to a few tips and healing practices that I wish to share with you this week on the blog.

But before I do, I would also like to share a little bit about how this Element shows up in your body and can manifest itself when it’s out of balance.

The Wood Element is governed by the Liver and Gallbladder Organs/Meridians in Chinese Medicine.

5Element_LearnFrom a Western Medicine perspective we know these organs help the body to metabolize hormones, proteins, toxins and waste. In Chinese Medicine, it’s believed it does this through circulating Qi (energy).

The smoother the flow, the easier this occurs, when it gets overwhelmed the Qi begins to become stagnant or simply put these hormones and toxins start to build up in our system and we start to manifest symptoms .

Such as: Depression, Moodiness, Insomnia, Disturbed Sleep, Erratic Emotions, Disorientation, Disorganization, Vague Anxieties, Muscle Tension, Tightness in the chest, Discomfort under the ribs, Headaches, Migraines, Blurred Vision, Dry Hair, Brittle Nails and Digestive Disturbances related to Emotional Upset as examples.

Lets not forget that the Core Emotion of the Liver and Wood Element is Anger. Repressed Emotions, Unfulfilled Desires, Stress, Being Overworked and Living out of harmony with your natural rhythms will manifest in this area of your body.

One other Secret Power of this system is that the Liver is responsible for storing blood. It does this by regulating the Blood in the whole body at any one time. This function has two aspects, the first is to regulate the Blood volume according to physical activity to nourish your organs, muscles and tendons. The second is by regulating menstruation. If you experience period related problems from PMS, pain, irregularity and anything in-between, this is a clear sign that your Liver needs some attention.

If we put the science and anatomy aside, you can easily feel into this energy and how it’s currently manifesting itself in your body right now.

Whether you experience any of the symptoms listed above or not, you can feel the Wood Energy asking to be Free. Calling out to give it some room to do what it does best, which is get things done and move forward.

If your feeling the urge to Spring Clean your house and remove all of the Clutter this is the Energy of Wood calling out.

You don’t have to look too far to see the words Liver Cleanse being touted by every health coach at this moment. This is the natural time in the year to help your Liver out.

This doesn’t have to be a full time job, and the intensity in which you feel the call will largely depend on your own requirements but here are my,

Top 6 habits to Welcome the Wood Element and Support your Liver.

Clear the Clutter in your household and body.

A little goes a long way;

Spring Clean: Clean out your closets, remove unwanted clutter from your house.

Detox: Sip Liver cleansing teas such as Dandelion, Peppermint, Chelidonium or Milk Thistle to support your Liver’s function.

Nourish: Eat foods that nourish the Blood, Liver and Wood Element within. Dark leafy greens, grains and fish are especially important. Smaller balanced meals at regular intervals will keep the liver content and well supplied with nutrients.


Adequate sleep and time for dreaming will help to make the liver a happy organ. The Liver and Gallbladder come into their most effective times between 11pm and 3:00am. (If you experience disruptions in sleep during these times, for instance, you wake up at 3AM on the dot every night) a trip to your acupuncturist will help soothe the transition.

The Gallbladder and Liver influence your decision making abilities, if you are having trouble with a particular problem, your mind may become active at this time of night as it tries to work through all of the possible solutions until you are able to make a decision. If you can’t go back to sleep, try journalling with stream of consciousness in mind. Don’t edit just write everything that is trying to come through and then try to fall back asleep. You can decipher everything in the morning.

Exercise and Meditation

If your runners are starting to stare at you every time you open the closet these past few weeks, it might be your Liver trying to get your attention. Activities such as running, cycling, and spinning are great movements to invigorate the Qi and use your muscles.

Because the Liver and particularly a Wood Type person has a tendency to keep going and never stop.

It’s important to balance your exertion with taking time to be in stillness and supportive stretching or yoga. The strongest trees are flexible enough to bend in the wind. It is important to check in and honour your body’s requirements each day, you may not be able to endure the same activity and intensity at all times. To honour that Liver’s function of storing Blood it’s essential that women spend time in stillness during their menses and during a New Moon.

Appreciate Natural Beauty

Take time each day to appreciate the pleasure of being in contact with the life force of the Wood element and your environment. Feel the breeze on your skin, and feast your eyes on the colour and movements of the trees, listen to the songbirds singing their tune in the early morning, find your inspiration in watching Spring emerge day to day until it’s fully blossomed around you.

Use your imagination

Within your internal Wood element is your power for clear and unclouded vision. Imagination is a Wood Elements Superpower. Take the time to visualize, write out, paint your dreams and fantasies. Allow this inner sense to guide you towards the action steps to accomplish your goals and fulfill your bigger Why.

Express your Frustrations

Let’s remember the emotion of the Wood Element and the Liver is Anger. While culturally as women, being a good girl means that we never show or express this emotion, its necessary that we do. Otherwise it all comes out in one moment and our PMS and our periods get an unnecessary bad rep; which really isn’t fair to our bodies or one of the most powerful aspects of our feminine expression.

When you actively engage in this emotion you can begin to feel the inverse of Anger which is Power. Our Power, connects us to our strengths and assists us in moving our lives forward to thwart obstacles and create a clear path to our desires.


In the Comments I would love to hear your own natural tendencies and habits to foster a healthy and happy Spring time.





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