You Have It All….NOW WHAT?


In my Embodied Alchemy Circle that’s currently gathering, this week we have entered the Water Element where we talked about dreaming, wanting more and one statement that each of us has heard or uttered to ourselves each time we try to test the waters.

I cringe every time I hear it.

Why Can’t You Just Be Happy?

5Element_LearnYou’ve got a great job, you make great money, you’ve got the guy (he’s a wonderful husband and father) you have your kids (they’re healthy and happy).

You’ve got the house, the car, the………

Why isn’t that enough?

You have it all…..

Just be happy?

I swear the next person I hear utter these words to me or another women I’m gonna punch them in the face.

I’m not saying I’m NOT HAPPY, but I want more…. and I know I’m not alone.

and more importantly, I know that more materialism and consumption isn’t going solve it.

What I want is more about making my HEART SING!!! Where my deepest desires are met.

Where I can Dream, Create, Accomplish, Inspire and probably a million other words that I just can’t quite put my finger on.

Because modern women are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Our mothers and the generation of women before us fought for a lot, now granted we still have a ways to go on the equality scale. But for what has been established there is an underlying unspoken precedent that we should be grateful for our current opportunities and above all else BE HAPPY!

and then there is the messaging that we are currently teaching our young girls. “You can do and be anything you want to be.” Which is amazing! and such a beautiful message…I heard this message myself from my amazingly supportive parents.  It pushed me to succeed and achieve what I have thus far.

Except, no one talks about what that looks like past the age of 35. There are no dreams or goals to be met after all of the preconceived ideas of what it means to be a happy modern women have happened.


But once you have it all the only thing that’s left is comparison and competition amongst women on whose house, husband, kids, etc are better.

Truthfully the only goal I have to meet is making more money and being a size 2 while doing it.
Oh yeah, and running myself to the point of burnout because to HAVE IT ALL usually also means that I spread myself so thin doing and being everything to EVERYONE that I meet or love.

Now, I’m a talented women but I am not a Martha Stewart – Superwomen hybrid and I don’t think that any of us really are.

Which is why putting ourselves out there to want for more than whats expected can be scary and unfamiliar place even when we don’t even know what we want. We just want something.

The road is riddled with sabotage, second guessing, set backs and fear and if that weren’t enough the entire time we feel guilty that we’re choosing our own happiness over everything else in our lives.

We’re not..It just feels that way.

And the gift if were willing to dip our toes in and release the control of what we should be doing and thanking our lucky stars for,  is a blank slate a fresh start which also includes all of your loved ones and stuff to come along for the ride.

Ask yourself, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Don’t rush the answer, let it come… in waves as the tide ebbs and flows, listen and seek for the serendipitous moments, the patterns, your divine timing the feeling that happens in our body when your heart aligns with your creative space (which resides in your womb BTW) 

As Water makes way for Wood, give pause for the light to show it’s path through the trees.

Your fertility, your creative force, all of it doesn’t end when you’re done having children.  It’s force is renewed and redirected to share your gifts with the world.

Make time to hear and follow the call whatever it might be.

Your loved ones, your circle of influence, the world, needs your dreams and desires to come to the light.

In the comments below, I would love to hear what some of your desires are









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photo credit Stefan Makwana

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