Touching God

This week was a BIG one! Actually this whole month is a big one for me. Earlier this week I celebrated the 10th Anniversary of my practice TerraSana Health and next week I celebrate my 36th birthday.
Both events feel rather auspicious as my life comes a bit full circle with their celebration. 10 years ago, at 26, I became a Dr. of Acupuncture, I opened my clinic, I trained and later specialized in fertility and all things women’s health, I met Sheldon. 2007 was a huge year for me, and since then I’ve moved the clinic, married Sheldon, welcomed E into this world, refined my skills, almost walked away from all of it and then came home.
2017 has been about coming home.
Home to my body and my soul and the parts of myself that are whole-heartedly ready to be expressed.
Parts of my truth and knowing that I can no longer turn away from. And as we approach the timing of the sun and these defining benchmarks I am ready to step into the next phase and evolution of my craft. If you’re a client at TerraSana you will have received an invitation/synopsis of my offerings (I’ll get to it in a little bit), but first, here in this space is where I get to let my words take up more space and share why.
Why I have to offer something new.
Why I have to bare more of myself in the room,
Why I have to let you in on what happens for me when I needle another soul.
The simple answer to every why is this,
I touch God.
I wasn’t brought up with any particular denomination. My parents allowed both my brother and I to define and enter our own relationships with spirituality, aside from being taught that God was energy and energy was everywhere.
My mom thought nothing of it when I was a little girl and upon meeting a someone new later tell her that that person had a particular colour around them. She didn’t pat me on the back and celebrate it as me being so enlightened but merely told me that it was nice that I could see that. Judging from my colour observations more often it confirmed what she knew of that person, light and beautiful colours were people that were open and kind and the darker colours and ones with nothing around them were often people she didn’t care to be around anyways.
And then like most children, unless fostered that openness and ability closes usually around the age of 7 or 8 as they develop more of a rational mind that gets fixated on goals and achievements.
And, It really wasn’t until I started my practice where that frequency started to open back up for me. Most of the time little hits like when you kind of get a good radio station for a little while and then it turns back to static. But with practice and devotion it has made its way back to me.
Regardless of your faith, naturally I respect what ever/whomever it is for you in your own understanding, this one is mine. I see and hold the energy of Qi, the vital life essence that is within every living being and creature as God.
I have Qi within and around me and you do to. I believe that divinity within knows whats best for you or I even when we can’t see it. Which is why I believe that the body, the mind, our emotions, & our essence has the capacity to heal itself.
When I needle you through acupuncture, when I place my hands on your body, when I hold your Qi in my fingertips, I touch your GOD.
To feel your Qi’s frequency through the shaft of a needle is miraculous and awe-inspiring. When I am in this space I am in service to doing what is required to allow your body to access what it needs to heal whether it means to bring life forward in the form of a baby or in cultivating more ease and flow in this present moment and beyond. In the moment we are merely creating space for the highest of all good.
When I’m in this space my gift of clairvoyance is heightened and I hear points that need to be needled or I see the meridians and what parts of the body need to have pressure released and which ones need to be nourished. My intuition guides me to put my hands on the body to hold and knead a muscle or to ground it with the Earth resonance from a tuning fork.
Every time its different, every time its with deep reverence, its like watching a masterpiece come together and all the while I feel immensely happy.
But this isn’t how Acupuncture is usually done. It’s symptoms, and days of cycles, and ovulations, and schedules and objectives that override the Divine. Like any aspect of modern life, the Divine is hijacked in service of our imposed Plans. And with it, the voice, the knowing and the magic is lost.
Once you’ve experienced how good it can be, it’s really hard to shut it down and forget that it exists. For awhile it can be okay, you get little glimpses of it here and there, but ultimately it leads to burn out, and me wanting to quit my job. If I’m being completely honest with you, when I have to override my truest self in the treatment room to just work with the facts, I want to quit my job. All the time.
Which is crazy because I LOVE acupuncture, I love to be in the room with my clients and witness their transformations. But I can’t turn this part of me and what in my mind is what its really about off anymore. So instead of quitting it, I have to fully open it up to what it really can be. Which is a place that still honours all of the science and the knowledge of the medicine, where it still honours your PLAN but it also has the space that makes room for the soul.
because our life’s experience is a collaboration of:
-the blood, the flesh, the organs and the myriad of ways in which it keep us upright & moving through life.
-both our brilliance and our oppressions.
-the very essence within that weaves its invisible web to curate our destinies.
We are the sum of all of these parts, not one exists without the other and therefore, the medicine that we seek to heal one part of ourselves must have the capacity to support and heal them all.
Which is why I am unifying Science with Soul and offering:
5 Element Transformations Healing Sessions.
Acupuncture, Counselling & Alchemy.
If you’re wanting to read up on all of the details you can check them out here
If you’re in the Calgary area and you’re intrigued then I would love to talk to you about how a session might benefit you. Let’s connect and we can talk about it.
Because once you open yourself to what is really available to you and I through the power of Qi and Spirit, a regular acupuncture session just doesn’t compare.
So I hope you will celebrate with me this change and my own evolution as a healer, doctor and visionary because I’m really excited to share this with you.





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