Let Them Flow, Self Love & Your Emotions

Its been a month since I’ve written you. Its been a month since I’ve shared anything of any substance.

As most of you know, I had a surgery 2 weeks ago, it went well, I’m not ready to share much beyond that but I will soon, I still have some recovery to go and for the most part it just requires time.

Leading up to the day I had a lot of feelings that I just couldn’t sort thru so for the most part they stayed stuck and swirling in my head.

And then post surgery, the best way I can describe it is that I have been de-armoured (no really a word) but energetically I feel lighter but also more vulnerable. I have less armour to wear, to protect, to shield me and help me hide.

The result is a lot a feelings, and free flowing expression of them. I’m crying, laughing, engaging my fear and frustration more than I ever have and each time that I let them out clarity and a consolidation of my inner knowing results.

Because, exercising the full expression of your emotions is the purest most potent form of self-love that you could ever do for yourself.

From the outside at times it may look like that full expression could be labeled as something like depression and that’s because our culture doesn’t value feelings, or at the very least it doesn’t value tears, fear, or rage. It tolerates overwhelm, but only to the point where it can be kept in a pretty little box that doesn’t affect anyone aside from the one holding it.

It likes joy, and laughter and love.

Those expressions you may freely share with everyone, anywhere and anytime.

But the rest you are advised to let flow on your own time and preferably behind closed doors…and not for too long.

Which ultimately either through the constant preventing of the feeling or through the isolation and holding on too many feelings inside than one should, in time they do become depression or anxiety or any other definition pertaining to your mental health.

And while at times we do need support in sorting them out and bringing them back into their natural flow and expression.

Consider this as truth. NO one emotion is better than another. They are all intended to be held, embodied and expressed.

Within the 5 Elements each element holds space for one of the 5 Emotions.

Earth : Worry born out of deep compassion
Metal: Grief
Water: Fear
Wood: Anger
Fire: Joy

When we look at this philosophy we know that one Element is not better than another. We may have a tendency to embody one particular element more within our constitution, but because I’m more Earth and you’re more Water doesn’t mean that one of us is better than the other. Each of us has immense gifts to offer from the very fact that I’m Earth and you’re Water.

So if that’s the case, why would we hold true to the belief that Joy is better than Fear, or Anger for that matter.

Its not.

Certainly one might feel better than another. Everyone loves to laugh, but not everyone loves to cry.

But just because one feels better doesn’t mean that it is of more value than the ones that make us feel uncomfortable.

In fact when we cut ourselves off from the full expression of each of these emotions we begin to create disharmony within the system. Let me ask you when’s the last time you screamed and raged? Does even mentioning it scare the shit out of you or do you welcome it?

Do you allow yourself to feel the full expression of your emotions? If you do keep doing it. If not, I invite you to try. Not sure where to start, your body knows, let it flow.





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