What Are You Lighting Fire To?

The Fire Element is a catalyst for the Spirit, it’s deemed the closest to the heavens and it’s governed by our Heart which means that the Fire Element can set a system of events in motion with a single flick of a match.

Sometimes this match is to ignite a new idea or desire, that you may then take full circle thru to its manifestation. Tending to the fire with devotion and immense care as you watch the flame change from a single spark to a beautiful flame that brings warmth and much joy.

Or it may be lit to simply to burn off the old to make way for the new; much like a farmer does when they preform a controlled burn to their field to burn off the remnants of an old harvest and to help revitalize the soil and ready it for the next seeds they wish to sow.

And then sometimes, it’s about just letting something BURN to the ground and never look back. Burning bridges, allowing chaos to ensure and closing the door on whatever lies in it’s path.

Each of these intentions have their purpose, which is why their possibilities exist in our realm of awareness. There is not one intention that is better than the other.

deepen_understandingWhat’s most important is that you bring your awareness to the what exactly you’re lighting a match to at any particular moment.

Is the it coming from an initiation to move you closer to your wholeness?

Or is it reactionary to shut down or restrict the opening of your heart and her guardians?

Each scenario can be used as a means for both a step forward into your wholeness or to take you further from it.

A dose of truth: Most of us, feel that burning bridges is not an enlightened choice, but they’re moments when it is the most respectable and intelligent choice to be made. Sometimes people, things, and habits just have to go in order for us to take that next step.

Having the clarity and discernment to know which option is the best in any given moment is all that’s required.

So before you go off to play with Fire, check in with your body, tap into your heart. What does she need? Who does she need? Is there something or someone that’s used up their last chance? Or do you need to spend a little time with Earth or Water to help quell the heat before you make a decision?

I would love to hear what’s coming up for you with your intention to striking your next match.


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