Why September Really Is the New January


It’s pretty much everyone’s favourite time of year! At least in the northern hemisphere it is.

It’s September, it’s jeans and boots season, it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time (personally I’m not a fan – but my Facebook feed blows up with how excited everyone is when this happens)

Have you ever wondered why so many people love this Season?

If we take it back to the Five Elements its because this month is supported by 3 Elements all at the same time.

Fire is starting to quell, but still present, Earth has come to play in assisting in the transition to welcome Metal.

What does that mean for you, exactly?

Because Fire isn’t burning so hot, the heart can be more open. You would think it would have been more open last month, but truthfully August is all about the Pericardium (The Heart Protector) You either pry it open (sometimes with major consequences) or it only allows for a tiny opening for the heart when it’s truly necessary, and then it closes right back up to protect it from being scorched. So right now, the fire’s not as hot, the protector has fallen away to allow the Heart, and your desires to speak.

On top of that the Small Intestine (the heart’s paired organ) is also working alongside helping the heart discern. We’ll get back to this in a minute.

The Earth Element, lives in transitions, some texts refer to late Summer (an Indian Summer) the season of the Earth, but personally I like to call on it whenever a season transitions to the next. You just probably feel it a little more in this one. Earth is well, Grounding and Nurturing. It’s taking all of the romance, adventure, ideas that came to be in the throws of Fire and helping them find a home, setting the intention for what comes next.

This intention accounts for everything, your body, your mind, and your routine.

Which is where Metal begins to comes in; Metal brings us structure. Which is what everyone is trying to figure out at the beginning of this month, with the beginning of school, choosing which activities to sign up for, and of course creating new ambitions for the last quarter; all we want to do is get back to our routine. Notice that it takes about 3 weeks. Once we officially arrive at the Autumn Equinox we’ve got it covered.

So with that, you’ve got a little less than 3 weeks to really utilize this unique time and energy to set yourself up for a beautiful season, and quite possibly year ahead. To do that, we come back to the smouldering Fire Element and the Small Intestine.

Now is the time to use your powers of discernment.

As we’ve discussed before, in Chinese medicine, the Small Intestine job is to separate the pure from the impure.

Physically, it’s the place in the body where it’s decided whether or not food can be used as a nutrient to build blood, create energy, fuel your body or is waste. Energetically, because in Chinese Medicine we don’t think that an organ is just an organ, the small Intestine also helps us separate the pure from the impure mentally and emotionally.

Simply put your Small Intestine is there to assist you in gaining clarity so that you may make a choice best suited to you and your hearts desire.

So Ask yourself, does a particular activity/food/person add value to your life in this moment or not.

I invite you, as you are planning out your September and making decisions on how you, your family, your children are spending your time and money, spend some time to discern its actual value. What priorities come up to to ring clear and which ones fall away.

wholeness2bandgeRemember: Busy Is a Choice!

I’m sure there is a lot that you are already amped up to join that’s stirring your hearts excitement.

But don’t forget these ones too.

Want More

Time For Yourself

– How much time are you putting in the calendar that is dedicated to you. Doing whatever it is that you want to do.

Time For Your Relationship

– Date nights, Alone time, Play

Time for Creativity.

– This may be part of your time for yourself, but I invite you to add another time slot, where you can be creative in any way.

and PS. Laundry, cleaning your house and grocery shopping do not equate to time for yourself, those are chores.

In the comments below I want to hear a least one Activity or Action that you are taking for yourself this season.


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