The Embodied Alchemy Mentorship

~ The 5 Elements to a Soul-Led Life

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The Embodied Alchemy Mentorship ~ The 5 Elements to a Soul-Led Life

An in-person circle to study, support and celebrate each other as we integrate the teachings of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine.

To open ourselves up to our desires, inner wisdom and each individuals unique capabilities so that we may feel whole.

When we feel whole we love from a deeper centre.

When we feel whole, we’re able to share our brilliance.

When we feel whole, we feel free.

Free to live the life that we’re meant to be living.

Creating a life of profound impact and legacy that ripples out beyond our knowing or intention.

It is my belief that the 5 Elements provide the stepping stones and path to confirming our wholeness while using the same tools to manifest our hearts desires into reality.

Because, our ability to reclaim our wholeness fuels our desires & our willingness to go after our desires confirms our wholeness.

The Mentorship Includes

~ One, monthly In-Person circle to be together to learn and share in our lives and self-inquiry timed with the themes and Element of that current season. Our circle will gather in the workshop space within my clinic.

~ Three, 5 Element Acupuncture sessions with me ($375 value) during the course of our mentorship (beginning, middle & end)

~ Immediate access to the Embodied Alchemy Method Self Study program ($440 Value) this includes lifetime access

~ Private FB group for our circle to seek support and guidance in between classes

~ Email Access to yours truly for support throughout the duration of the mentorship

~ Other gifts and treasures throughout the journey

The Monthly classes include a more in-depth and personalized discussion related to the theory of the 5 Elements and manifesting desires and its current phase in accordance with the seasons of Mother nature.

Movement exercises, group healing sessions, and meditations are incorporated into various classes to help support the material and solidify it within the body and consciousness.

** Attention and Support will be given to healers, coaches and practitioners that wish to utilize these teachings within their own businesses to assist in their own clients healing and evolution as well as soulful business solutions that feel good to the soul while creating profound impact.

Investment: $1750 in Full or $175/month for 10 months

First payment is due upon registration. Subsequent payments are due on the 1st of each month starting October 1st – Jun 1st

Space is limited to 6 women

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Core Curriculum & Immersion


Understanding your Inner Alchemy

• Discover and embody your 5 Element Type
• Understand each of the 5 elements and how they’re manifesting within you.
• Identify the areas of your life that each element governs and understand why you may get stuck where you do, as well as where it’s relatively easy for you to flourish.
• Light the spark of your desires. Where is your heart leading you?

October: Earth

(Self Love & Intention)

• Find your centre in the whirlwind of life’s busyness.
• Cultivate a grounded experience within the Earths Energies, and how they may support you on your path to wholeness.
• Set intentions to allow your heart’s desire to be heard.
• Nourishment and Support: Creating balance between how you give and receive Love
• Discover how self-love, sacred adornment and pleasure are the keys to affirming your Self Worth and feeling supported.

November & December: Metal 

(Surrender & Ritual)

• Cultivate a relationship with the Metal Energy, its structure and artistry.
• Foster sacred space and ritual to surrender systemic and out-dated patterns of belief and doing that you no longer require.
• Prioritize your relationships and where you spend your energy.
• Discover where perfection and comparison are sabotaging your efforts and greater legacy.
• Find safety and beauty in the dark and chaotic to uncover the artist and creative within.

January & February: Water

(Authenticity & Integrity of the Bigger Picture)

• Embody a deep relationship with the Water Energy and its ability to reach the depths of your soul.
• Make way for magic when the Divine and your spirit, heart and soul meet to align with your life’s purpose.
• Embrace the expression of your emotions so that you may stop seeking and instead look inward and trust the wealth of your own wisdom ~ You are your own guru.
• Aligning the Desire with your Unique Alchemy and your Authentic Self ~ It’s your dream and it gets to look the way you want it too, not what a glossy magazine says it has to be
•Establish a deep and profound relationship to Spirit and the Divine.

March & April: Wood

(Visioning & Empowered Action)

• Harmonize your Wood Energy so that your ambition aligns with your truth.
• Reconcile and unite the structure and support of the Divine Masculine to foster the Feminine’s creativity and potential
• Reclaim your anger and discover how it may liberate and bring you closer to your desires.
• Implement soulful strategy and planning to create actionable direction to fulfill your vision.

May: Fire

(Love, Service & your Beautiful Legacy)

• Harness your Inner Fire and its ability to inspire and connect.
• Establish healthy boundaries to protect your heart and its ability to love unconditionally.
• Ignite the feminine in play and celebration in your daily life.
• Cultivate intimacy, passion & desire within your relationships and greater circles of influence.
• Connect to spirit and the greater legacy that your desires impact the wide world and then share it.


Fire and Closing the circle (Celebration & Sisterhood)

Past Participant Praise

“What a journey! This has been an amazing opportunity working with the 5 Elements and Ashley. I knew learning more about the 5 Elements would be good but it has been life changing for me in a magnificent way! Catherine D. Massage Therapist

“I can’t thank Ashley enough and her Embodied Alchemy program. It has been truly transformational for me. With the love, light and true authenticity of Ashley I have been able to incorporate the beauty of the elements into my everyday life. The Embodied Alchemy has helped me find Me and my Divine Expression.” Deanne R

Enter your Name and Email to be added to the waitlist for the 2018/19 Offering and early bird bonuses