An Awakening ~ The Year Of the Rooster


It’s not a secret that I don’t completely love the New Year. By that term I mean the one that we celebrate on January 1st.

Its an arbitrary date that some dudes decided would be a good place to create as a reference point where things begin and other things end.

But, I do follow the Chinese New Year. It makes way more sense to me and this year more than ever I am looking forward to bring an end to this past year and welcome the new.

If you’re not really familiar with the Chinese zodiac, 2016 was led by the Fire Monkey. And the Fire Monkey can be and I think it’s safe to say that this year we really felt it naughty. He’s smart, wily, vigilant and symbolizes intense reckless creativity. He has an irresponsibly curiosity that often creates divisions.

And last year was exactly that, it was dramatic and full of unexpected surprises and upsets that affected our entire global landscape from politics, economics, religion and revealed our Shadow’s in a BIG WAY.

Deep breath, new light and energy is coming through.

2017 the Year of the Rooster can be summarized as ‘The Wake Up Year for New Beginnings.’

Roosters wake up early in the morning to rouse everyone into action with their enthusiasm. This is a collective action as they’re call to wake up is for everyone, not just a single creature or person.

Therefore, Collaboration is the key to 2017. Along with precision and clarity.

stepeamWhich is why this year will be pushing us to interface with the places within that need to be cleaned up. Looking at the parts of ourselves that are holding old stories and beliefs that prevent us from stepping forward to lend a hand and our voice.

The rooster is calling you to find your own voice, to speak up and stand out from the crowd. At times it may feel overwhelming and at times like your talking to a wall, (this year still has some unexpected turns, the Rooster can be impatient, quick with it’s tongue, eccentric, narrow minded and selfish). There is still room for the divisions set in play by the Monkey to deepen. Which why its all the more important to get clear on your values, your message, what you STAND for and what you don’t.

This year can be the catalyst of years to come with much gentler cycles coming with the Dog and Pig. But only with clear communication.

To provide some of this necessary clarity I offer one of my favourite exercises in having greater clarity in our roles and relationships from the Embodied Alchemy Method. Click here to get started.

Want to take it a step further? Perhaps the Year of the Rooster is the perfect time for you to experience how your feeling of Wholeness makes way for your life of Love & Incredible Legacy. Click here for details.

In the comments below I would love to hear what you intend to have more clarity in 2017 and how that may bring about further collaboration and impact in your life and for others.





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