Keeping It Simple: Calling In Your Practice In An Instant

I think it goes with out saying that the world is in a state of chaos. There is no end in sight and I’m just going to say it up front, we’re not going to be able to white knuckle it until it crosses over into a new energy.

Which means, in order to stay sane, stay true to our own heart and contribute to the collective, we have to get really clear on what brings us back to our bodies, our heart, our creative womb space.

And in a lot of ways we have to cut the fluff so we can continually access it within an instant. The long beautiful rituals are amazing and still worth doing but you’re not necessarily going to run to your sacred space every time you go on Facebook or turn on the news.

Sometimes you just have to call yourself back in an instant and then get back to whatever you were doing.

Which is why I love the 5 Elements so much. Their simple and accessible. You don’t have to go and spend a fortune to create an Instagrammable altar to spend time with them. They are RIGHT OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR!  And they’re beautiful in their own right.

And while I love to impart little sayings and invitations to how you may experience these energies, you already know how to do this.

For a second, take a breath and look out the window, better yet, go and stand outside your front door and take a look at whats around you.

What’s the pulse and rhythm?

If its a minus a million likes its been here in Calgary, set aside your UGH! about the cold and the traffic your about to endure and just breathe.

Same goes for those of you experiencing summer and a crazy heat, yes you’re likely sweating your face off,

Putting off any of the temperature discomforts, when you breathe allow the cold, the heat the in-between to enter your body, deeper than the exterior.

Where does it reside?

What does this feeling make you want to do?

It could be for your body to Rest, Savour the breath, seek something warm to drink, maybe something cold?

It may remind you to connect.. Call your girlfriend, hug your child, assist your neighbour.

Perhaps in that instant you will be reminded that in this moment you are okay, as you are..

Or maybe, it will remind you why you’re doing what your doing, because we often lose sight of it when we’re in the trenches.

This kind of moment is always available to us,

It easy to forget when we’re constantly head down behind four walls, but it’s right there if we can even manage to look out the window.

In the comments below, I would love to hear how your current environment is reminding you to come home to you.

And if you want to take this an extra step further, I’m hosting a fun FREE challenge next week starting Monday Feb 13th which will guide you to connect to one of the 5 Elements and its medicine each day. Plus for participating you can be entered to win prizes. Click here to sign up and get all of the details.


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