Where Are You Blooming?

blooming, fire element
We’re quick to judge our need for self gratification and yet when it comes to the important things we tend to hold back and wait. Waiting for it to be more note-worthy or remarkable, often moving the goal post as we progress, further delaying our willingness to celebrate or acknowledge how far we’ve come.
Why is that?
Why do we all of a sudden become humble and shy regarding our accomplishments and the events that we’re apart of. Big or small, it really doesn’t matter, we always seem to be holding out for more.
Frankly, I’m over it and I hope that you are too.
Recently we welcomed summer solstice and the arrival of the Fire Element.
The Fire element has many expressions and metaphors to convey its medicine, but one of my favourites is that of the blossom. Where all of the unseen work that has occurred finally expresses itself out in the world, sharing its bloom, beauty and sweetness for all the world to see.
This is what I want for you. I want to encourage you to acknowledge where you’re currently blooming. It could be something huge, a, event, occasion, or goal that you have brought to fruition. Maybe its the completion of a small step that contributes to the bigger picture down the road. Or perhaps its a simple task that’s been on your list for some time and you decided to get it done.
No matter what it is, its time to celebrate. If this past year has taught me anything is the importance to bring fire and its capacity for celebration into our lives more often, daily if possible, because its necessary to let off steam, laugh, expand our heart, and share our light with everyone in our circle of influence and beyond. If we don’t, eventually things get a little messy. We burn out and our light fizzles.
The medicine of the Fire Element offers us the opportunity to engage with our joy and celebrate our life as it is, not waiting for one day when it looks how you would like it to be. So pop the bubbly, use your fancy china and crystal just because, dance your heart out when you’ve finished the task or share your accomplishments with your circle so that they can celebrate you and your brilliance.
Fire types, I know you have no issue thinking of ways to celebrate. However, for those types who aren’t used to celebrating much, you may wish to take a closer look at your Alchemy to draw inspiration for what type of celebration supports your constitution and its core requirements.
We all need more spontaneity, connection, and intimacy in our lives, and even if you’re not accustomed to being the centre of attention, it can feel really good every now and then to be seen, heard, understood and celebrated for all your amazing contributions to your work, family and circle of influence.
Writing Prompt:
Where am I blooming?
How do I want to celebrate myself today?




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