Fire to Earth: Singing Your Desires Into Form


The summer months bring with it an opportunity to hear your heart and its desires more clearly.

The fire and heat, open up the heart and bring about a million ideas and directions that are possible. As they come in with such ease its as if grand shifts of energy are ready and waiting to swoop you up and land you safely on the other side where everything is done and you can celebrate your successes. LETS PARTY!

And then the temperatures shift, the air a little more crisp and clear and the medicine of Earth comes in and takes hold of all of your inspiration and whats to know how. How are you going to get from point A to B? What is it going to look like? What is your plan?

Depending on the level which you were riding the high of fire vibes, getting a huge dose of earth all at once can feel deflating. The nagging feeling that you should have it all figured out, or people you love or even you are casting some doubt on your next move. Its possible to have your fire and all of that magic to fizzle out.

Earth doesn’t mean to be a downer, or stand in your way, in fact it wants to sing your desires to help bring them into form, grounding them down into the matrix of your being and out in the world as things. While it can feel like its piling on and stopping the flow, allowing your perspective to broaden it instead is offering you the opportunity for greater discernment. Of the one hundred options that are available to you. Which threads do you actually want to follow?

Earth unlike the medicine of Metal and Wood doesn’t have an agenda. It will meet you where you’re at. It will even give you a pass if you don’t want to implement any steps beyond an idea, except doing so isn’t really utilizing earth in the way that it can assist you in designing a life that you love.
So how do you keep the momentum while also having your feet on the ground walking the steps during this transition and turn of the season?

Personally I like to choose a day in my calendar during these first few weeks of September where I can spend the morning letting all of the ideas swirl around in my brain, writing them all down as they come.

Then I take a walk, you may choose to sit and meditate or get the blood pumping with a workout. You do you. Either way, I intend for the ideas now having found a place that lives outside of my brain I let my mind wander, zooming out my timeline to a year from now feeling into each of the ideas reflecting on which ones I would be disappointed if I hadn’t followed through with. Listening to the internal cues of my body and my mind, allowing the excitement to bubble up as if my heart was dancing.

Usually I am left with one or two, sometimes three of my ideas calling my attention way more than the others. This I can work with.

Except I don’t rush into action just yet, instead, I take advantage of the warm afternoons that let me come back to the energetic of summer and those fire vibes and let my mind and heart swirl around again with the intention of connecting with the essence and vibration of those few ideas, noticing if more information comes in. What it feels like, where the excitement resides, how I can remain connected to the possibility and that eventual celebration when everything has come to its fruition.

Then asking…

What is my next steady step?

Earth will come into support you in that moment. Sometimes it makes sense, and other times it doesn’t.

It may be to reach out to someone, get out the journal and mapping the steps, and other times its take a bath or read a particular book.

Trust the answers that come, from an earth point of view the HOW, isn’t always the literal sense of a full blueprint, but more of creating the container for your fire to continue to burn and inspire you into action.

Small steps lead to great distances.

Trust that if a desire was placed in your heart, its there for a reason and you are deserving of seeing it through.






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