Recalibrating to Show Up Alongside Grief

last few days of April were a roller coaster of amazingness and I’m so thankful for those who chose to be an early reader of 5 Element Alchemy. I was floating on cloud nine ready to implement various levels of marketing for sharing my book and then everything had to be put on pause.
This isn’t a typical strategy to pause a campaign only a few days in, but its what I had to do. I’m thankful for the multitude of reasons that I chose to not be beholden to a publisher as it would have been difficult to navigate these past few weeks.
I did share this on my social media last week, but in the event that you’re not aware. I lost my father four days after the launch of my book, the same evening that it reached #1 bestseller on in the alchemy category.
It was a shock and completely unexpected and I’m absolutely heartbroken. I had all of these emails and posts ready to go but I couldn’t pretend that my world had just been rocked beyond recognition, and so I went quiet and inward to tend to my own spirit.
I’m still very much in it, and I expect that I will be for some time, however it is the medicine that I teach and write on that has been my refuge.
My alchemy and connecting to its core requirements the very basics that my body, mind and soul require to feel whole even when I feel such deep grief is how I have been able to put one foot in front of the other.
Each day I look to my Inner Earth and ask what do I need to feel
  • Supported
  • Nourished
  • Grounded,
  • Feel mentally clear
  • Be understood.
Each day the answer is different, its often very simple and I choose to trust it. Whatever it is. I make it a priority and when I’ve come to the end of the day I’m surprised at how its allowed me to take care of myself and be able to show up for my family.
Naturally, someone else with a different dominant Element type is going to have a different set of requirements to tap into, and this is why I love this medicine and its why I wrote 5 Element Alchemy.
The Elements allow for nuance and an individuals knowing to shine forth and lead even during unimaginable tragedy and pain. They have also made room for the joy to come through too. These past few weeks, I’ve experienced that feeling too.
This has allowed me to accept that its time, even though emotionally I am still feeling extremely raw, that I can begin to show up and share my work, it just will be a little different and likely a little slower than I originally had planned.
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And if you have had a chance to get your copy already. I would love your support in leaving a review on amazon. This helps individuals that are new to my work feel good about making their purchase. It’s greatly appreciated.




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