An invitation to go all in with Solstice


Today we welcome solstice. Its also a big day in the stars as we get to observe the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, something that hasn’t happened in 400 years.

With the year that we’ve had more than ever I feel called to bring my awareness to this day and attempt to make sense of everything that has happened in my personal life and our global collective experience to tease out the threads of gold that offer me comfort, hope and inspiration for whats to come.

If you find yourself in the northern hemisphere today we experience the extreme of yin and the welcoming of the return of yang energy and the light. For the south, its the opposite and a preparation to enter a more yin state through the expression of extreme yang.

When something reaches the extreme of its expression, it will then naturally revert to its opposite through mutual transformation. Yin and yang are interdependent which is why today of all days is this perfect opportunity to go all in with the energetic that is guiding you so that it can guide you into the new.

For those of us in the north, today and the next few days there is an invitation to witness, engage and acknowledge the rengeneration and renewal that is occurring in your life with self-reflection and stillness to rebirth the yang in alignment with your souls mandate.

Personally I feel as though this is all I’ve been doing for most of this year. If there was ever a year where I felt an over-arching yin energetic and a proverbial winter or water season its this one. Stripping everything down and laying it bare so that I could really see it and me for what it really was and is.

Lately, I’ve found myself asking is there more?

Is there more that I can surrender?

Is there more that I can tease apart to get to its essence?

Is there more that no longer fits in my life?

Honestly, I like so many of you, I’m tired. Its been a long year and I don’t want to give up more, and maybe there isn’t anymore to give. But I won’t know that until I allow myself the opportunity to fully immerse in the reflection and the questions.

So this is what I’ve done, and yes there was a little more that was asking to be let go of, but there was also a return of light and a feeling of gratitude that has begun to grow, thankful for the some of the clutter and self imposed obligation that no longer had to reside within my awareness and a renewal of yang inspired action that is giving me direction.

Obviously, as the collective there is much that we can’t know or see what’s in store for us in the the coming year. With less apparent control over circumstance, I must focus on what is within my own control and put my energy there. Noticing where light and the bustling of yang reveals itself.

This is my invitation to you. To go all in and ask whatever questions you’ve been feeling inclined to ask yourself, perhaps even the ones you’ve been avoiding while also inviting in the light and allowing it to illuminate your steady steps, hope and inspiration.

For those of you in the southern hemisphere you can do this too. Through the energetic of extreme yang, take this opportunity to go all in and acknowledge every success and area of your life that is seeking its completion. Celebrate it and yourself in however the blossoming of your soul came to fruition in this current growing season, and notice how those same questions can offer you greater discernment, boundaries and empowered action so that you can invoke more joy and light in your life right now as it is.

I’m officially signing off for 2020, I have so many amazing things to share with you in the new year. Including my book cover, which is so incredible, the book being published so that you can hold it in your hands along with new offerings, and a more intentional dropping into your inbox with essays and medicine inspired by the 5 elements.

Wishing you a merry holiday season in however you choose to celebrate and blessings for hope, healing and magic to occur in the new year.



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