The 5 Elements of Money Masterclass – Create Right Relationship with Your Money


Money, Wealth and Success are just Energies.
Wood Element energies to be exact.
Like all of the Elements, we can look at it in a vacuum, trying to figure out how to create transformation and heal it on its own, except we have greater impact when we look at the Elements and our life as a whole system.
What I mean by that is this…
What if your relationship to money wealth and abundance is a symptom not the root cause or catalyst to creating the life of your dreams.
In medicine we look at symptoms all of the time and attempt to decipher their codes and signals to get to the bigger picture. To answer the question why is the headache appearing in the first place. Sure we can treat the headache and send you on your way but we didn’t fix why the headache showed up in the first place and most likely, I’m almost certain the headache will return in time.
What if we applied this same kind of questioning when looking at the different areas of our life that bring us dissatisfaction and rather than just focus on what we think is the main problem a (lack of money), take a step back and look at your current circumstance where money and wealth are concerned and view it as a symptom rather than the cause.
A symptom thats sending off big red alarm bells trying to get your attention that something else in your life is not currently working as it should and this was the path of least resistance to get your attention.
Thats the way the body works, Symptoms will arise as the easiest place for it to be expressed, each of us expressing these symptoms in our own unique way. But acne isn’t just acne. Its hormones, and gut health, and the immune system to name a few possible causes.
So if our bodies do this with such miraculous knowing, why wouldn’t it be a similar scenario when it comes to each of us living in alignment with our destiny. Where debt, or less money than we need, or always just having enough but no more are just the alarm bells screaming at you to wake up?
We’re conditioned to just focus on the symptom.
But what we’re really being called to look at and heal is our whole self. So that money and the energetic of Wood can fully support us in creating the vision that we have for our life and be used as a tool to fund our destiny.
If you’re tired of just repeating mantras that you don’t believe.
If you want to redefine your relationship with money as it relates to your 5 Element Alchemy so that you may trust yourself and the ways that money can support you.
If you know that to truly heal this area of your life its more than just making more money and you’re wanting to get to the heart of what’s going on here.
The 5 Elements of Money Masterclass is now available.
In this video series with a workbook and bonuses we’ll:
  • Discover how the other areas of your life are affected and possibly preventing your ability to receive, make and save money

  • Connect with your Alchemy’s inner motivations that may be unconsciously sabotaging your efforts to attract money and greater levels of wealth.
  • Create a grounded relationship with manifestation, so that you can get your energy and intentions behind your money goals.
  • Activate self inquiry to promote greater listening to your unique needs, desires and zones of genius to inspire steady steps in the direction of your greater vision.
And so much more.
Its time to make Big Shifts,
Click here for more details.
Get started in Redefining your relationship to money, wealth and abundance.




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